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  1. Is there only two landmarks in Hong Kong you Americans know? (The Kwai Chung cargo terminal, Central-Wan Chai) I really want to see Godzilla fight in front of my home (Tuen Mun ferry pier), or destroy my office in West Kowloon, so I don't have to go to work. Now kiss!
  2. Thanks. So not the kind of Japanese style "Giant monster fight each others" movie.
  3. What monster movie did John Williams score? I just don't remember any.
  4. In the credit list, Godzilla play "himself". So, he is male for sure.
  5. Catalog ID: WaterTower 32063 CDR Shipping Date: 16 December 2020 There will be physical release. But looks like it is CDr. And the price is 12US dollars, so I assume that it is a one CD release? I could be wrong because there is no track list for this CD yet.
  6. The Blue Max is pretty good. But there is a very nice complete new record.
  7. Pass. Already own the two Goldsmith's. Happy for those who want them.
  8. Is it the first time a Lalaland black Friday release is a movie score in the same year?
  9. No. It is Star Wars 1-9 plus clone wars TV series complete 30 CD mega box.
  10. Last time I sit before computer and wait until 4:00 am, to place order for ID4 signed copy. And I got it.
  11. It is 3:15pm in Hong Kong. I am waiting in office, as usual.
  12. The Land Before Time is my last holy grail. My childhood memory. I've been waiting for it for my whole life.
  13. I live in Hong Kong. We won't spent time to watch this. Even for free.
  14. Very disappoint. The score of Godzilla KOTM is one of the very best score, in Godzilla and movie history. Tom Holkenborg is a fine composer, I like his work in Mad Max and T6. But the style is just not fit Godzilla movie. Anyway, we will see. I hope I am wrong.
  15. Thanks. So all you need to do is to replace "Legends Of The Fall" with the extended version, and "Twilight and Mist"stay as bonus track because "The Ludlows" already contain part of it.
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