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  1. Audio-CDs need to fulfill certain requirements. Cutting off some frequencies which are supposed to be there (and by the way, are audible indeed) makes them not audio-CDs. Not being able to rip a CD is not a prove of a defect of a CD.
  2. Any chance for my inbox to get any similar surprise by any chance please?
  3. Williams says the Jurassic Park piece is the last 5 minutes of the movie: do we all agree that is not the case?
  4. Yes sure. There was even a member here who tested positive a few days ago and put his ticket on sale 😕.
  5. That's why there were required certificates. But nothing to do with "capacity restrictions" mentioned before.
  6. There were no restrictions. People were required to have the relevant certificates in order to enter, and wear an ffp2 mask at all time, but no seat was made unavailable because of COVID.
  7. Not sure what you are referring to here. Today he remembered the name of Sean Connery, but I can't recall any other difference although I may have missed some (I had to prepare dinner at a certain point...). Oh, and obviously he didn't tell the story he had mentioned on Thursday when introducing Leia' s theme 🤔😁😇.
  8. I confirm that they cannot recognise the UK covid vaccine certificate, however I can't see any improvement in having a printed copy (which I had) instead of a pdf file.
  9. It was nice to listen to the Maestro' s introduction to Scherzo for motorcycle and orchestra while realising that that scene was set on Germany not far from Berlin.
  10. He just said in concert that he will be starting writing the music for the new Indiana Jones in 1-2 weeks 😁
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