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  1. I am sure 99% of people here don't mind about the money needed to purchase a new MM edition of a JW score. I am personally a fan of the new editions including the original album as well. As I have already mentioned, I was only trying to answer a question raised in this conversation, and at no point it was my intention to complain.
  2. I wasn't complaining, I was trying to answer to a question 😉
  3. @Bespin I see my posts make you bored: if you tell me what's wrong with them I may start to work on the issue and give my little contribution to make your life better...
  4. This is allowing them to increase the selling price of this set by $12 🤔
  5. I placed orders on SAE in the past, can't remember a similar thing. And Spacecamp is actually a few cents cheaper there than on Intrada 🤔
  6. Went on SAE website to place an order as I have a few titles to catch up and they are charging $5 more than Varese for this 😒...
  7. I can't remember similar reactions when it was released: was that as bad? I am starting to get worried that we will have to rely on vinyls to provide us top quality mastering, which would be expensive and unneeded, given the potential of the audio CD format 😒
  8. I see it can be a choice, but that isn't taking into account the genre of the music they are selling, nor the audience who are going to listen to it, so it's a wrong choice. On top of that, I think we can all agree that no expectations must be had on a company which since decades keeps being confused between two major artists of their catalogue, only because they have the same full name. This label doesn't waste any occasion to embarrass itself since TPM was released...
  9. I don't know of any phone that can play audio CD 🤔... I mean, give me the CD as it's supposed to be, then who want to listen to it through phone speakers can apply the filters they want when they rip the cd...
  10. USA is not in the EU, Brexit hasn't changed custom duties to import goods from USA into UK.
  11. Seems to me they put the complete recording on disc 1 (and original album on disc 2). As far as I understand every other track of disc 2 is on disc 1 too anyway.
  12. https://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.12523/.f?sc=13&category=-113
  13. This is a noble principle, however this set has been released years ago so people really had the opportunity to buy it. I would rather see the same principle implemented when it comes to concerts with only a few hundreds tickets on sale which sell out in minutes because people need to attend the same concert twice in 20 hours...
  14. Do as you prefer as right now I have no idea what I will be able to do 😕. Thank you.
  15. How long are you available to hold? I need to make some arrangements at work first (I am due to work the whole weekend 😕).
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