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  1. Am I wrong to say that this is not a new recording nor a previously unreleased score? 🧐
  2. I get that this release, although the only one approved by the composer, is not complete. Does anyone have an idea of how much recorded music is missing in this release?
  3. JW recently spoke to the BBC and said he was looking forward to be in Berlin in October. Does this interview mention anything at all about that?
  4. Does anybody have a clue about this release? Is this track-list wrong? Is it the standard single blu-ray edition with wrong details added (381 minutes!) or another one, possibly showing both concerts? https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/classic/detail/-/art/john-williams-in-vienna/hnum/10367113
  5. R. I. P. Apologies for posting in the wrong section, was meant to be in general discussions.
  6. After some months I am realising that I am getting angrier and angrier because of such behaviour, that seems to have been much more common than I thought, as this is just one more occasion that I see. A once in a lifetime occasion for many of us became the occasion for few lucky ones to go for the double, which resulted in many of us not getting the chance to buy a ticket. So many attended both days, and that made impossible for many others to attend at all. There was no need to be that selfish really. It's free on Sat tv, 19,2 East, if you
  7. This is amazing! I have been looking for something like this for decades. Thank you. But I think the tempo of the Ark's theme shown here is too fast , maybe "=60" is the right number?
  8. Where can we get more info about this "theme collection"? Is it available anywhere?
  9. Can anybody help me understand please? I have ordered this on SAE on the 5th of May as well as with 3 more titles, none of them is out of stock, still the order is showing as "pending" . I have sent them an email yesterday and haven't received a response in more than 24 hours... Is that normal?
  10. I am in UK too, I placed my order 10 days ago on Silva Screen Entertainment and it is still in "pending" :(.
  11. It's real indeed: https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/Soundtracks-Compilations/Star-Wars-The-Force-Awakens-Cassette/583M0EB4000
  12. I finally got the chance to order this score from screenarchives.com, as well as Far and Away, The River and The 3cd edition of Roger Rabbit. After I placed the order, I noticed that this title is being sold by SA at a higher price ($24.99) than the Varese sarabande website ($19.99), while the other items are priced exactly the same price as their label websites: is that something these websites usually do? I thought that these big soundtrack websites used to apply the same prices across the web :(.
  13. I have been collecting original JW albums since 1993, and only within the last few years I have started ripping them all and upoading to my personal cloud (in wave 16 bits 44.1 Khz format to preserve the original sound quality). New albums are being released and with less space left on my shelves I have been wondering what the best way to store those cd's (and LP's) would be. So far I have gone for the alphabetical order. That doesn't seem to work any more: with the collection growing, a new cd will need me to move more and more previous albums to be put and kept in the right place. So I
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