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  1. Radio3 Classica can be considered a "spin-off" of Radio3. Radio3 is the the right one, and I wouldn't be surprised to have both channel broadcasting it. Be aware there could be issues in listening this program outside Italy due to potential broadcasting rights issues, so I would advise to arrange a VPN in due time.
  2. Thank you for this. Does it mean the "master spreadsheet" in the relevant tread is incomplete?
  3. Can you please clarify where you took these figures from? I have looked at the master sheet and what I find don't match 🧐
  4. Is it normal this is not available to pre-order on SAE yet? Maybe they usually put titles on their website after orders open on the producer' s website, but I see there are other titles on pre-order 🤔
  5. There are quite a few things I don't agree with here, and not because I am a soundtrack collector. I agree being a musician is work, and possibly one of the most noble one. But they get paid to play music. I work too, and I get paid once for the work I do. The guys who built the lift in the building I live in, or the office I work in, don't get paid again every time someone "reuses" those lifts. It's also difficult to understand what they need to be "protected" from, and if this "protection" is working at all as the only consequence seems to be that those recording are left untouched somewhere while they could be restored, preserved and beautifully presented like MM is doing when he has the opportunity. That seems more "protection" to me. And I don't agree on the "without these those film scores wouldn't exist", as the history clearly shows the opposite, and the musicians have always been highly valued before these fees were introduced.
  6. So after Amistad announcement today, is the list complete for the year? Is it reasonable to expect anything more before the end of the year? If I am not wrong this is the third expansion since the opening of this topic (with Spacecamp and Presumed Innocent the first two), so not sure what to believe 🤔
  7. Like they are playing the music again... There is no planet in the universe where this law makes sense. Not even for record companies as surely nobody is paying those fees. The only result is there is a lot of great music made unavailable for the public. Well done greedy people...
  8. I see an unusual lack of interest for this potential upcoming announcement compared to previous similar occasions: is it because nobody expects anything at all? Is it because you all know what is coming this time and it doesn't deserve to much attention?
  9. So any idea when the next release is going to be announced? I am desperately waiting for it so I can finally place an order to catch up other "recent" releases as well (fiddler on the roof, Jurassic park, space camp, presumed innocent) and save on shipping costs...
  10. I have no doubt the two have connections, but what's the point to announce Milan records if the mother company will do it? I think something must have changed in the meantime, or the first announcement was wrong at first.
  11. Wasn't this supposed to be released by Milan records? And now it's Sony Classical? 🧐
  12. You got lucky is happened only once to you. It's happened to me almost ten times...
  13. What an experience, could literally see the tickets selling out in a handful of minutes from the map. Managed to book one at least, although no idea where 😅
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