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  1. Can anyone figure out who did this version as played in this Italian TV program? I spent several hours on YouTube but have been unable to find it... https://www.la7.it/propagandalive/video/il-cartoon-del-genio-makkox-pianeta-terra-terra-11-05-2024-541718
  2. Wondering who could approve such a stupid marketing choice. Glad I have time to cancel the order before shipping.
  3. I was in the process of ordering this then I realized it mentions Bluray audio: I thought the bluray would include the full concert video. Does anybody know for sure?
  4. I don't see anything wrong in that: Disney Music Emporium has a lot of negative remarks too :P.
  5. They must have pressed a new stock to facilitate the release of the UNcomplete collection
  6. Will PM you shortly, thanks a lot I had the feeling that it was more a mastering issue. Maybe not every set is affected but I am not surprised to see that I am not the only one. This is one of the reason why I am not sure if returning the set is the right thing to do, as it is possible that I will get having the same issue :/ I agree that many of them have no idea of what they are talking about...however I couldn't get a replacement, I have to go through return&refund then reorder it again :/. I wasn't aware of this, will try, thanks.
  7. I got in touch with their customer service, they said they wouldn't refund it, then the webpage says they would, up to €7. Money aside, the idea of having to go through this plus making a new order once it's been refunded, with more days to wait for the actual delivery, because of an issue affecting 2 minutes of a track out of a 20 disc set is giving me some headache 🫣. I cleaned the disc with a dedicated tool and cleaning solution, the disc is clean and looks immaculate, I am trying to rip with Exact Audio Copy, it's been working on that track for several hours trying to get those errors fixed, tomorrow I will know if it's worked, either way it's surely defective 🙁.
  8. I tested the disc in two different pc drives and one hifi cd player. Track 12 is definitely faulty. I can only play it with my laptop, however there is no way to rip it. The rest of the set is ok. I really hope Amazon.fr will offer a replacement disc as I'd really not want to return the whole set on international shipping 😒.
  9. Anyone else had problems ripping any of these discs? Just started with staff 1, everything went smooth until the last track which is now giving troubles 😕
  10. It should be this album: https://www.facebook.com/share/rta7mu3mRdPgK9Ne/ One track is also available:
  11. Just in from Amazon.fr . Currently priced €98, cheap shipping cost to UK, delivered in 3 working days. Much cheaper than Amazon.co.uk itself or anywhere else.
  12. Has anybody forgotten about this upcoming gem? Why is there no excitement for what is quite realistically "the first and most incomplete 'complete collection' in the history"?
  13. Released date is 11th of March according to Amazon UK 🙂
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