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  1. What a great score massacred by a terribly mediocre director. Abrams and his acolytes like Alex Kurtzman are not good storytellers.
  2. I hated The Rise of Skywalker and loved the score. The score has become the soundtrack to my non-existent head canon version episode IX haha.
  3. Hey! I really, really love these. You wouldn't happen to have done any for the prequel scores, would you? Thank you for making these!
  4. Yeah, I always took this as an homage to Kubrick (as A.I. was originally a Kubrick project) since this piece was featured prominently in 2001.
  5. Good post, and honestly never even thought of all those factors. I'm sure there are plenty of filmmakers who would love the chance and are capable of working with a film composer like John Williams. My guess is unproven directors (in the eyes of studios) don't have the clout lay out a filmmaking roadmap that would facilitate that kind of creative process and thus have to resort to more contemporary film scoring methods. Or you're a filmmaker that lucked into directing an episodic Star Wars.
  6. Neat arrangements. Well done! I can tell you're quite skilled and you have a ton of passion for the material. If you're looking for critiques: your medley doesn't feel like it has continuous momentum from front to back. It works married to the video but would distract me listening to it on its own. At times feels like the piece starts, then stops, then starts again etc. It has to do with the repetitive change up in the piece dynamics (pretty frequently a piece enters into the medley at a quiet dynamic until it develops into a louder dynamic). It hampers the flow.
  7. Seems like composers who don't write anything more rhythmically complex than 8th notes are not in much demand these days, if Giacchino's success is anything to go by.
  8. Well, even if it's not, the first season's music available on a soundtrack is 3 hours 15 minutes.
  9. "What's your name?" "Bill Ross." "Bill Ross who?" "Bill Ross Williams."
  10. You sure? Because I'm pretty sure we still live in a time where powerful countries are still fighting over natural resources. I think Dune might be a big hit. I think it will probably be at least somewhat successful. I don't think 2049 and even Lynch's Dune is a good way to gauge its potential.
  11. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I think it's pretty awesome we can debate about different releases of a soundtrack!
  12. We'll see. Why is it in the cards for Dune to bomb, exactly?
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