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  1. Ah yes, this makes sense -- she's made a successful Hollywood career making "male fantasy" movies, climbing the ladder that way for decades, all so she could suddenly pull the ole switcheroo and finally have her revenge on men! Can't believe I never saw this before. Have you ever considered maybe you're the one that has the issues and not Kathleen Kennedy, someone you don't even know and that you're projecting your feelings towards women onto her?
  2. My go at ROTS. I really like how this one came out.
  3. Yeah but what are the stakes if everyone is wearing plot armor? It was standard fare for a legacy sequel at the end of the day.
  4. That finale.. At least kill someone off.
  5. I did some album covers based on the design @tintacle created. I'm planning on doing the remainder of the prequels and the sequels as well.
  6. And this is why mystery box Star Trek is bad. A promising start with the withholding of mysterious character information ("what's going on with Jack?"), a meandering middle ("Wow, can't believe they really haven't told us what's going on with Jack by now"), and the eventual unfulfilling payoffs to the mystery box set ups. You would rather have Kurtzman over him? I think the worst of the Orville is more watchable than what most of these new shows offer.
  7. It would be a step in the right direction. It makes me wonder if Matalas had been given more time, a bigger budget, and the means to produce this outside of Kurtzman's production company what it would have looked like. It's clear the guy has the passion and interest for Star Trek that has been sorely lacking in these newer shows outside of Lower Decks. Matalas and Seth McFarlane being in charge of the franchise would be an even bigger step in the right direction. I'm with you. People are so normalized to these newer shows being terrible that any whiff of what the franchise used to be is getting them excited.
  8. Do you have these for the prequels?
  9. @tintacle and @crumbs what font are you using here? I'd like to take a stab at this series myself
  10. I don't mind whatever technobabble plot device they want to use, for me I take issue with the method of storytelling. I don't think Star Trek benefits from mystery box storytelling you see in a lot of post-Netflix television. Many shows that use this style of storytelling use it to obfuscate hack writing and Star Trek Picard is definitely one of those shows.
  11. It is, but it's still mystery box Star Trek and I hate mystery box Star Trek lol.
  12. Made this for a custom edit I did of the Ghostbusters score. I'm not terribly good at this but I had fun with it lol.
  13. I don't really like Picard. I stopped watching season 1 after eyeballs were being gouged out like something out of a Saw movie. I skipped season 2 altogether. Season 3 has been a little better but the real reason I've been tuning in is for the score. Great execution of a throwback to Goldsmith and Horner.
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