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  1. Pretty boring on its own, but might work well in the picture. We'll see.
  2. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/71d803f1-4a81-4a85-afe8-3856deed9945
  3. I get that. I would add though that the score certainly does.
  4. This is the only LLL product I own. If I was rich, I'd own all their releases. But since I'm not, I feel like I chose... wisely.
  5. Kind of doesn't count, but I like the fanedit of The Hobbit that edits it down into one pretty good movie more than King Kong. I don't know if it's so much that he burnt out going into Hobbit as the behind the scenes drama that unfolded. He went into LOTR (and King Kong too, I'm sure) with a lot of preproduction. The execution of The Hobbit movies being such a mess is because 1) all the stakeholders wanted milk the franchise for everything it was worth and put out three movies instead of one or two and 2) because of that reason, Guillermo del Toro walking away from the movies and Jackson having to scramble to ready three movies the size of LOTR but without the same amount of preproduction. A shortened preproduction is also why TROS was a mess. Not the only reason, but might be the biggest one.
  6. There's a variation on it I believe when Rey buries the lightsabers at the end of the movie. OST track is called "A New Home." The motif of Jedi Steps isn't stated but it's a variation on the accompanying parts.
  7. My philosophy re: cue replacements in the editing bay during post production is... is the movie considered a classic? If it is you can't really argue with whether or not the music was butchered. It doesn't matter, the film works incredibly well and that is the ultimate goal of both the composer and the director. You might like the original version more, but the argument about whether or not the decision to replace a segment or cue was right or wrong is a moot point. Now, when it comes to editing the music decades later for a Special Edition and swapping out a Jabba band song for a worse Jabba band song... now there's some ground for argument.
  8. Hey, it's my annual post to bug you and ask you if you've done any more of these lol. TPM and the AOTC album covers are great!!
  9. I love all of these iterations. Have you taken a stab at Rise of Skywalker yet?
  10. What a great score massacred by a terribly mediocre director. Abrams and his acolytes like Alex Kurtzman are not good storytellers.
  11. I hated The Rise of Skywalker and loved the score. The score has become the soundtrack to my non-existent head canon version episode IX haha.
  12. Hey! I really, really love these. You wouldn't happen to have done any for the prequel scores, would you? Thank you for making these!
  13. Yeah, I always took this as an homage to Kubrick (as A.I. was originally a Kubrick project) since this piece was featured prominently in 2001.
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