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  1. If the promised new bonus features were this shit, why not just release the big set this Christmas? If anything, Warner would have likely made more money out of doing one big set (including Blu-ray copies), since UHD/LOTR fanatics will buy it regardless if it's the only game in town. Given the delay, I have to think the new bonus features will be exciting/substantial. Warner will know that people aren't going to buy the UCE set and double-dip for the umpteenth time for any old garbage. They know the big draw is deleted/unseen material from the films. Include this, and you guarantee
  2. I really hope next year's deluxe edition finally brings us deleted/extended/alternate scenes (for all six movies). Can't say I'm interested in much else in the way of new bonus content.
  3. Perhaps I'm being cynical, but I seriously doubt they give a shit about the source material, so long as Amazon keep slipping them the cash. Seems to me like they were just waiting for Chris to step aside so they could finally make some serious money.
  4. No. At this point there's no suggestion that any notable Middle-earth artist is involved (if indeed Howe has departed).
  5. Kept listening past the 20 minute mark. Apparently John Howe is no longer part of the project - all he did was create the map. The chief illustrator and concept artist are instead two former 'researchers' (not even involved in creative) who worked on The Hobbit films. If true, wow. If that doesn't set off alarm bells, I don't know what will. I appreciate these two have gone on to do other things, but still, trading a visionary like John Howe seems like a hell of a downgrade. Also feels like they're trying to get people they can manipulate in key creative roles (like the inexperienc
  6. Okay around the 10 minute mark here: As expected, Shore apparently doesn't want to compose for the whole series, but be involved in some way.
  7. Potentially huge news, but it's TORN, so don't hedge your bets. Even if Shore joined in a limited way (i.e., write a few new themes), that would be something.
  8. Noticed this response to TORN's tweet about tonight's live commentary: I'm intrigued. Any ideas?
  9. Kind of funny that Jackson made that remark about what they really need in future is the orchestra on set. Perhaps a sly reference to issues with scoring The Hobbit? In any case, it's great to see that they didn't forget Howard.
  10. Indeed, McKellen probably knows he's going to be working with WB again at some point, whereas Callen won't. Moreover, he was more likely to be one of the victims of interference (the studio are hardly likely to tell Jackson to rail back on Gandalf are they?) Also, what would Callen have to gain from seemingly lying at this point in this life?
  11. As I've said before, given what must have been facing them in terms of the post-production on a two-movie AUJ, I actually think Jackson may have pitched the idea out of sheer pragmatism. When you see how late they were motion-capping Azog, I can't see how they would have got all the early DoS big CGI set pieces (Beorn, spiders, barrel race) done in time. A short-sighted move perhaps in terms of overall planning, but perhaps one of sheer desperation, because Warner Bros wouldn't have wanted to delay it again (after all, they didn't when Jackson had his stomach ulcer, which probably tells you so
  12. I thought the only really notable bit of her documentary was the interviews with Mark Callen, who (IIRC) made it pretty clear that the studio were getting involved in things, particularly concerning the role of the Dwarves (after the first film, I can well imagine studio notes like 'less Dwarves beyond the important ones', 'more Elves', 'less Radagast' being passed to Jackson).
  13. Very interesting thread here: To be honest it's no surprise to me whatsoever. Those BTS extras never tell the whole story, however 'frank' they seem. We've had rumblings from actors down the years (not just Lily), and it's just common sense really to think a massive studio like WB are going to be more hands-on when they have hundreds of millions staked on the project. Of course some misgivings will still rest on Jackson, but there is obviously more to this story than we know.
  14. I think if someone were to somehow leak that original Azanulbizar flashback piece it would help the world get through everything going on right now.
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