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  1. I think either he should have died with the Master, or they should have kept the Master around with him and maybe have them try and undermine Bard at points.
  2. Sorry, that remark (and indeed that whole post) wasn't aimed at you, I was just talking in general terms (or indeed to the writing team if they're reading this thread...). I think we're all in general agreement it's a questionable idea.
  3. Why would you think that Gollum's character needs explaining beyond his ties to the Ring? If they focus on him, it just seems like a missed opportunity. I maintain the hunt is a solid device to build an interesting narrative around, where you can weave in various characters and somewhat broader threads, but putting the focus on Gollum specifically feels like a misjudgment.
  4. Are they going to relocate them to Rhun or something? Can't see how else the get-up makes sense.
  5. Thankfully it looks like he'll make a full recovery. Food for thought though, especially in light of Ian's comments about his mortality just a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Oh no... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cx88v15r41jo Worrying news. Hopefully he's okay. EDIT: Latest update from Deadline:
  7. As expected really. Be interesting to hear Gallagher's approach. Also, I wonder if he consulted with Shore on anything?
  8. What probably intrigues me the most about the 2-film AUJ edit is how they would have handled the transition between the ending (as we know it) of AUJ and the opening of DoS. Presumably there would have to be some transitional material between the Carrock and them first spotting Beorn. IIRC, some BTS footage showed Gandalf making a comment about the Eagles, so that might have been part of it.
  9. Given a portion of the creative team will also be involved with Hunt for Gollum, it doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.
  10. Sounds horrible. I've probably said it before, but don't they realize when they do this kind of shit it merely undermines the role of Eowyn in LOTR?
  11. After Moria, naturally Gandalf and Aragorn would venture into Lorien, so yeah, it seems perfect to use there, so long as you can make it reasonably consistent with the newly-shot stuff. As for her being there, well we know in the lore that Elrond eventually recalls her from Lorien to Rivendell, due to increasing concern for her safety given events in the East. This takes place some time between The Hobbit and LOTR, so you could have it here. Maybe Elrond could even send Elladan and Elrohir with Gandalf and Aragorn to accomplish this, or even ask Aragorn to escort her on his return. I don't think it would make sense for the E&E to accompany Gandalf and Aragorn beyond Lorien, so they wouldn't be in it much, and their role could probably be accused of being reasonably pointless and pure fan service I'll grant you. Asking Aragorn to do it is probably better, though I don't know if you'd bother showing any of their journey back, given you'd probably have to jazz it up a bit. They certainly wouldn't go through Moria in any case...
  12. With regard to Saruman's appearances in The Hunt for Gollum, it would probably make sense to see little of him, given that Gandalf's discovery of the Ring and it's whereabouts comes as a shock to him in FOTR (you could potentially imagine Gandalf going around saying he doesn't want Saruman knowing about this business, since he'd only disapprove, as glimpsed in AUJ). This becomes more difficult if: 1) PJ and co intend to show the Nazgul paying a visit to Isengard (I don't think they're allowed to since it's in The Book of Lost Tales, but they might be able to get around it somehow). Per Tolkien, I don't think they even see Saruman in person; rather, they're somewhat tricked by his 'voice'. In theory that makes things easier (even if Lee had an incomparable voice), but I suspect audiences wouldn't buy only hearing Saurman and not seeing him. It'd feel awfully convenient. 2) PJ and co actually cross directly into FOTR film material, rather than just positioning everything 'between' Gandalf leaving after Bilbo's party and his subsequent return. Say, for example, they want to show something after Gandalf escapes Orthanc (like him fighting the Nazgul on Weathertop). How do you go about this without recasting the role or using some concerning CGI/AI 'wizardry', no pun intended? I wouldn't be opposed to re-using a small amount of FOTR footage in these instances. I think you could work around it.
  13. In my mind, it's still 2004, and an enthusiastic Ian McKellen is ready to anchor this film. Just believe people... (Handily, this delusion also solves the Viggo de-aging issue, and means Christopher Lee and Ian Holm can feature).
  14. It's an interesting point, because of course Jackson seemingly isn't involved in this at all in a creative sense. But I think we all sense his involvement will be greater than suggested. It will have to conform to his cinematic vision after all.
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