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  1. Evidently this show is hellbent on ticking every bullshit box imaginable. How anyone could have any kind of faith in it at this point is beyond me.
  2. Well you didn't have to be an esteemed Hollywood writer to guess they'd come up with something like this now, did you?
  3. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised (well, appalled) by anything at this point, but here we are.
  4. Is it too late for Jeff Bezos to tell the world what we've seen and heard to date is all one big expensive joke, and that they're filming something not awful in secret?
  5. Given TORN have basically been banging the drum for this show from the off (on their social media accounts anyway), did we expect any other kind of response from them? Call me cynical, but I expect any 'fan site', vlogger or 'influencer' who've been wined and dined (on Amazon's dime) to merely gush over what they saw.
  6. For those interested, Kino recently announced they would be releasing the film version on Blu-ray (either later this year or early next). It will be from a new 2K restoration.
  7. Interesting that Doug would tweet this though: I mean, you'd think he of all people would know *something*....
  8. True, but there are certain themes one would expect/hope to hear direct quotes of - History of the Ring, Dwarrowdelf, House of Durin, Lothlorien, etc. Plus Williams and Shore were both legally allowed to reference old material when composing related works in the same world. Providing LOTR/Hobbit material is indeed off-limits, just how close can Shore get here? I say this as someone who has no idea how this would work in legal/technical terms.
  9. When that report came out about them not being able to use the term 'cave trolls' because of the Jackson films, I did consider what it might mean for the music. Sounds like a legal minefield if Shore can't lean too heavily into his old material. I'm surprised this is so given New Line (and so Warner Bros) are on board. Presumably Doug wouldn't be able to clarify this on pain of Amazon-inflicted death?
  10. Another thing - I know it's only for the trailer and PR bollocks, but 'Before the King' is a laughably absurd statement in this context. Amazon haven't a clue have they?
  11. This was always going to be a disaster - it was just a question of proportions. And from what we've seen and heard so far, we're looking at the Titanic end of the scale.
  12. I think they were going for leaves, but who knows? Maybe she gets bored on that raft and does a spot of fishing. Wouldn't be the worse thing Amazon have come up with...
  13. I was reminded of this - a concept drawing for Galadriel in armour from the fifth Hobbit Chronicles art and design book: I can't be the only one who thinks this looks infinitely superior to what Amazon went with.
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