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  1. That seems like that would conflict with Spielberg's usual story that 1st AD David Tomblin came up with the "Love You" thing on the day of shooting, just picking a random girl in the front row. Unless they considered adding her to another scene afterward, but Spielberg's always made it out like that wasn't in the script.
  2. Dammit I'd successfully blocked that out from my memory until now
  3. BTTF through Contact is what I think about with these two, but also love Cast Away and a soft spot for The Polar Express.
  4. That Bouzereau doc made at least a couple confusing errors associating the music with comments made by Williams or Spielberg. I remember we had a whole thread where it was determined the doc picked a misleading cue when JW is talking about big villainous chords with the 7th on the bottom. When Spielberg and Williams did their TCM masterclass, Spielberg mentioned Temple of Doom again as among his favorite scores and he started humming Short Round's Theme so it's definitely The Elephant Ride he was talking about.
  5. I just realized btw that Adam Driver is in the "4 film club" now with Lincoln and the Star Wars ST. Meanwhile: How things change! Rylance still at only one!
  6. Hourlong interview with Danny Elfman on the WTF podcast Interview starts at 12 minutes 25 seconds Also since I don't see it posted here his album Big Mess comes out June 11
  7. I don't agree with that one. Wish somebody could just ask him, though! Doubt anyone ever will.
  8. I saw In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale in theaters, was hanging out with my friend and his girlfriend and we decided to go to a movie and he picked it because of Jason Statham. I knew absolutely nothing about it but I had heard of Uwe Boll so when his name came up in the opening credits I thought "Uh oh...well this will be interesting and now I'll get to say I've seen one." It was not so bad it's fun, it was just bad. I remember nothing of the story, only that the filmmaking was immediately incomprehensible to me on a purely technical level and boring as fuck. It didn'
  9. That was the whole point of the original Star Wars was NOT to have any time to take anything in, Lucas's whole theory was to treat every amazing new location like any other random house, bar, military complex. He wanted it to be paced like "Yeah, okay there's the Death Star, we've all seen a Death Star, moving on" and that is part of what blew people away and kept them coming back to take it all in, and part of the risk he took pouring all this money into things that wouldn't get the sort of screentime epics usually gave their production values. Now movies have become even more fre
  10. Would love to know whether that was intentional or not. I still remember freaking out at that listening to the soundtrack for the first time and then having second thoughts once I realized that Dobby-esque figure is just part of the Obliviate/trio theme. I also have to think it's much more likely coincidence since if he had the thought to do that on purpose, why would he also write a whole other theme for Dobby. But it's good happenstance.
  11. Yeah I wasn't sure if it was worth a new thread or not, and then I figured I'd just bump this. Some like Bradley Cooper and Dwayne Johnson and a lot of the Marvel ones except RDJ, I kinda disqualify in a way since they were really becoming stars about the time Williams started slowing down, mid-2000s and later. It's always more surprising the longer someone's been around. Of course some younger actors have snuck into his filmography recently like Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Cooper did almost get one with American Sniper. George Cloone
  12. Was thinking about the reverse of this question, who are the absolute biggest actors who have never had a John Williams score? Especially people who have been stars for awhile and would have had a lot of time for their careers to cross paths. Al Pacino and Denzel Washington are two that came to mind.
  13. I can't remember if I ever shared it but I once literally just rewrote Desplat's cue with Williams's Dobby theme And a version using Williams's original harmony instead at 0:57 - Hopefully not stepping on your toes there @Potter Scoring Project, I trust you will come up with something more original I haven't gone through all these but the new Window to the Past variations in OOTP are really nice, thank you for writing those.
  14. Honestly that hadn't occurred to me but if they went with a ghost story and Indy in his old age confronting artifacts related to the mystery of death and the afterlife, I'd be totally on board with that. It'd be very in keeping with the themes of the series not to mention great fodder for Williams.
  15. You linked the wrong timestamp to Harrison saying he has cookies in the oven which is somehow even funnier
  16. Sgt Pepper has both what I and obviously many others think is their greatest song and completely blew my mind setting me on the road to being a superfan (A Day in the Life) and also what I usually say is my own personal favorite, the song that has been the most addictive for me over the years (Lovely Rita)
  17. Possibly but it's just irrelevant since the weird magic of that album and The Beatles altogether is that the whole somehow manages to be even greater than the sum of its greatest parts. Like I don't even know what that album is without the bullshit - and people have different definitions of what the bullshit is, anyway, and the great songs - but it definitely wouldn't be The White Album anymore.
  18. I love Paul on the Anthology responding to George Martin's criticism that The White Album was too long and indulgent
  19. The Cowboys Overture (By Request) "Destiny"..."Canneloni"...and The Tale of Viktor Navorski Reprise (The Terminal OST) Fawkes the Phoenix (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets OST) The Homecoming (War Horse OST) Mischief Managed! (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban OST) Sort of surprised myself with this but I think it's about right. Just things that cheer me up.
  20. I know, love, and appreciate every one of them for different reasons but Abbey Road is the sentimental favorite being the true chronological finale, makes me the most emotional. I have nothing original to say about the medley but it's just a beautiful dramatic conclusion to the album and the band, I put it right up there with E.T.
  21. This is probably my #2 after Star Wars. It's a childhood favorite for me too but I do think it is one of his most distinctive opening titles anyway. It's funny how even watching that now I still somehow associate it in my mind with those commercials at the beginning of the VHS. That Pepsi commercial is burned in my brain. Like the Orange Crush commercial at the beginning of Dennis the Menace.
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