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  1. BFG seems pretty heavy but I think I'd have to give it to Jurassic Park Unless we wanna get into how fat your Stepmomma is
  2. I also thought of Stanley Tucci holding him against the copy machine as one of the movie's kinda jarring dark moments but even that is pretty brief and low-key musically and then goes into one of the score's most triumphant pieces. The earlier part of the scene with the guy who needs the medicine is also quite fraught but they play it for realism without music.
  3. "Searching for a Television" is easily the darkest cue, right? And the first one! Pretty weird. It's mostly upbeat from there, or just pensive.
  4. I was shocked and disappointed when I saw Azkaban LTP how many people in the audience just got up and started walking out as soon as the credits started, chattering away over the orchestra like it was a movie theater. It's not like the lights came on or anything, people were just fumbling around in the dark. It's one thing to be more used to casual concert etiquette where you can socialize during the performance but to get up and leave while they're playing, that's some shit. It's really disrespectful, they should make an announcement at the beginning or something to please stay seated. The Mugglenet site did post a review with a giveaway contest but seems that's the only mention of it. Snitchseeker also tweeted this with a link to their article, reposting the LLL press release. Honestly, though, I suspect there could have easily been confusion from fans around whether these were just the original soundtracks being re-boxed for a "cash grab". It's true that it doesn't seem like anybody paid much attention to it overall. I think a lot of even hardcore fans possibly wouldn't be able to think of more than one or two things they liked that they would have wanted to hear on the soundtracks, and not enough to shell out $100 for it. It's why these things are limited but I hope the people who put all the hard work into these things feel appreciated. It's such a special market to have out there even if I myself don't often purchase them either!
  5. I'm not gonna lie, I speed-read this as "John Williams discussed Bullitt on Steve McQueen podcast" and had an incredibly exciting WTF?!?! moment until my brain adjusted. This sounds cool too.
  6. La La Land didn't even make much less at the box office than MI5 either ($450m vs $700m) considering one's an original musical and the other is a major franchise sequel. I feel like Kraemer really only made an impact on film score aficionados, sadly. I've never really seen any mention of his score outside of JWFan while Hurwitz got a lot more critical acclaim for La La Land and First Man. But still, you'd think getting the MI5 gig in the first place would have lead to more.
  7. He wasn't asked about his passion projects, he was asked for a "Mount Rushmore of Desplat" which is probably embarrassing for him to consider anyway. And if you're just reaching for things off the top of your head, then of course you'll think of the things that had an impact. He clearly doesn't mull over this list in his free time. Just because he didn't think of Birth in that second doesn't mean he doesn't think highly of it. Girl with a Pearl Earring changed his career, it was a big deal. Jacques Audiard and Wes Anderson are important partners. Harry Potter was two in a row with probably the biggest budgets and most resources he ever got, probably dealing with the studio at the highest level, obviously it would have been a high-pressure learning experience and he'd be proud of how he acquitted himself, and he got to try to measure up to his hero. The Imitation Game, whatever, maybe Turing's story means a lot to him or he is just very proud of how it came out. Maybe he just loves that score. Or maybe he did just think of it because he said Grand Budapest and they were Oscar chums. He didn't mention Shape of Water which won him another Oscar. I never liked the idea that only obscure projects can be passion projects, anyway, and it's pretty cynical to suggest he's thinking about awards and money...he only mentions awards once, anyway, in the context of Girl with a Pearl Earring getting him a Golden Globe nod and opening up his career. He never said anything about box office in that quote. But even so, I do think a lot of creative people rely on what other people say about their work or other feedback they get on it, because they try not to think about it or just don't trust their own evaluations. It reminds me of when Paul Thomas Anderson was asked about Boogie Nights and how he would define it, thematically, and he said it's been too long that now he just finds himself parroting what other people have said about it for 25 years.
  8. Are you including Spinal Tap? I never got around to Mascots but love Waiting for Guffman. For Your Consideration is just okay for the most part but I remember it having a particularly funny ending and worth it just because it's sooo much Catherine O'Hara.
  9. I don't think it was ever announced if it has. They may still be going. Reminds me of the posters for two of my favorite movies by the director Wojciech J Has, also Polish...
  10. The Daily Prophet art would in a way make more sense for a Hooper box since those fly-through newspaper montages are such a visual motif in OOTP. A Desplat set could use the great "burning Hogwarts" one-sheet somehow. Target used it for their exclusive DH:2 Bluray which is what I have, it's rad. The Harris vs Gambon debate is always fun lol, it even extends to soundtrack art. I guess an alternative would be to put Harris and Smith on COS which is always a cute pairing, and then bump Rickman to POA where he has more iconic moments anyway. But I like having Gambon on Azkaban, I think it makes sense, he's a unique color of the movie. Poor Thewlis, even though he's the heart of the movie, he loses on overall points to Dumbledore and the POA himself. Actually I would say arguably the bigger miss than Harris is Robbie Coltrane. There's an argument for replacing Smith or Rickman on COS since Hagrid is more crucial to that movie than either, but who wants to lose those two? Choices, choices.
  11. Aw. CSO performers give private lessons to Chicago College of Performing Arts students and when I was there I had a classmate who had the privilege of studying with him as a freshman. He always told me Clevenger was an awesome guy and teacher, and apparently used JW's concerto as a teaching tool sometimes....my friend always said it was freaking impossible to play lol.
  12. Nice. Was listening to a podcast with Jackson btw who was asked by the hosts about the possibility of an extended cut. He said he originally broached the subject with Disney last year when they agreed the doc would be around 6 hours and they shut him down, telling him extended sets don't sell anymore. So without telling them, he threw 2 more hours' worth of stuff in to create the final Disney+ version we have and he said he never heard anything about it lol. He also said he still wants to put a further extended edition out at some point and isn't done having that conversation with Disney.
  13. That's fine, then. To me, when comparing it to the original, they split the difference more than that.
  14. I agree but just find it interesting that you'll be this generous for The Post and not WSS.
  15. I gave it a second watch this year and even seeing it before my eyes I was not really sure it exists! Meryl's great. Like, predictably. But one of those that's gonna fly under-the-radar in her career and she's really, really great.
  16. "If Star Wars didn't have that evil imprint, they wouldn't sell two tickets. Satan sells tickets." - Jack Black
  17. I could go along with the idea that this is a vanity project....I mean, whatever. I posted when I saw it a few weeks ago that it really felt like he just wanted to make a musical, felt like he was running out of time, picked his favorite one. Yeah there are contemporary parallels to current events that he's reacting to, and the deeper universal issues that are always there, buuuuuut I think he wanted to do the prologue. He wanted to do the dance at the gym. He wanted to do the balcony, America, the quintet, the rumble, I Feel Pretty, all of it. He still had an itch to show off. The thing I got out of this movie was just seeing Spielberg indulge music in his filmmaking in a way he hasn't really done since at least Tintin and War Horse (and probably back to Catch Me If You Can for something I had quite as much fun with overall) so I was glad for that. I mean, yeah, there's "The Presses Roll" in The Post and RPO and BFG are wall-to-wall score, they're fine, I love the voting in Lincoln, Bridge of Spies has its moments at the end but it's just that extra Spielbergian showstopping "thing". Watching him purely exercising that muscle throughout. I mean, personally, my favorite thing about Spielberg is when his camera and great music are engaged together, and in that respect I got as much out of this as a lot of what he's done with Williams, and I wasn't so sure I'd be feeling it. And okay, it's "cheating" but West Side Story is automatically among the top scores Spielberg's ever had for one of his movies and he dove into it headfirst. It's kind of a pleasure to see him create the effect in reverse after all. This is where I would say its value lies most specifically with how it relates to his filmography, his aesthetic and generosity to music as a visual stylist. And idk, wtf, The Post to me was more of a limp noodle in which literally his only goal was rallying two acting titans to say something specific about the world and I don't think he really succeeded. I don't really care. I like seeing a great director make a movie motivated by their love of the form. I actually can't get enough of that when it works.
  18. I'm conflicted about it because my thread-starting post was literally And yet the film itself won me over, it's a strong effort so I'm sad to see it go down like this. But he'll be fine. It'd probably take a string of West Side Storys for the rest of his life to undo his track record. I'm more sad for the young cast who deserved a hit movie. It'd be nice to see DeBose, Faist, and Alvarez still get some opportunities off this. I guess DeBose could still end up with this year's Oscar. And even though I don't care about Disney remakes, I hope Snow White is a hit for Zegler's sake. Two high-profile, big-budget Disney flops wouldn't be a great look for her.
  19. It's missing the Montezuma movie which always seemed like the coolest one.
  20. What else would be a bucket list project now after a musical and a movie about his parents? I guess James Bond was an old dream of his, pre-Indy. Maybe they'll get him to do the next one lmao.
  21. Had great experiences with all 8 movies. They're where I got my communal midnight release fixes since I never made it to one for the books. Some of my oldest friends now were people I met on the IMDb boards for the GOF movie. They'll always be 50% of it for me.
  22. No movies I loved more than Get Back. But I haven't dug that deep. The Green Knight, West Side Story, The Last Duel, The Tragedy of Macbeth would be top four, Lic Pizza/Power of the Dog tied for fifth. Last Night in Soho, C'mon C'mon, Annette, my disappointments....well, Annette has stuff in it. I didn't hate them. Pretty much sat out on film scores this year. I liked about half of Annette. Some of Green Knight. Tragedy of Macbeth and Power of the Dog had some standout moments. PTA obviously knows what he's doing with a needle-drop. I liked Zimmer at the end of No Time to Die. Honestly The Beatles and Bernstein just kinda ruined it for everybody, those hog all my top music-in-film moments.
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