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  1. Congrats to JW Always think of this bit whenever he racks up another nom lol
  2. “I’m Henry Jackman a music producer” lmao. Definitely fake.
  3. John Hughes himself rewrote Miracle on 34th Street in between 2 and 3 lol. And as you say Home Alone has already been sequelized to hell and back. 3-5 were basically “reboots” anyway and the third one only used Williams in the title if I remember right. But complaining about this is like giving any attention to a TV movie or VHS release. Same financial imperative as back in the day, they’re just doing this to generate content like always. The only difference is adults inexplicably pay attention to these things like they’re big news and it gets publicized like a major re
  4. It’s just interesting that he’s decided to start doing this now in his late 80s when he hadn’t performed at all outside of the US since the 90s?
  5. mrbellamy


    Looking at these poll options, I like to think that Hook is what Brian Eno meant when he said John Williams has ruined many great films and he would be the first vote for "HATE the score, LOVE the movie."
  6. It’s so funny because I actually found the second one to be more fun than the first. However the writing was pretty bad compared to the first screenplay which I liked. I’m a little less generous than Chen (I'd downgrade to "B game and C/ D grade") but basically on his side that I liked a lot of what Yates was doing in #2. One big part of it for me was I felt he let the music sing out a lot more but I also just felt the portrayal of magic was so much more colorful and inventive than even his Potters. Compared to the first one which I felt lacked much energy and I just kept feeling l
  7. I agree about the trumpets. I noticed he would do this thing in the sequels where he would have them just blare out some really harsh, long note. I can't recall if it's a new quirk or something he's always done that I missed...if he did I haven't noticed it sounding like this. I don't know why I find it so irritating, both compositionally and sonically, but it's one of those things that would just pop up for a few seconds and I'd be like, why. Reminds me of a duck. Quaaaack! It's funny the things that annoy us. The infamous comical xyl
  8. Not really hearing it in the first one but I can definitely hear a variation in the second. Compare 0:00-0:06 of "Elegy" with 1:20-1:29 of "Now He Belongs to the Ages" And then compare 0:24-0:29 of "Elegy" with 1:30-1:40 of "Now He Belongs to the Ages"
  9. The first half of the decade, especially, really set a new vibe. There's just something very unique about those first five to me, individually and as a group. The softer pastoral qualities, ruminative and reflective, the greater effort toward his end credit suites, the use of piano, but also an exciting and more kinda brawny, stripped down action style compared to the 2000s. The latter half has a bunch of highlights and similar patterns but I feel like their identities aren't as strong individually or as a group? Like they repeat themselves a bit more or fall back into some of the older 90s-20
  10. Movie year vs ceremony year will always be one of those annoying Oscar debates lol. But yeah, bit of a qualified record for now, until/unless he ever gets another movie in.
  11. Idk why Lewya is so obsessed with digging through these hit pieces by obscure critics and negative quotes from random celebs
  12. https://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26708-the-spielbergwilliams-collaboration-part-iii
  13. Yep the circular photos just fixed it on mobile for me but hope that's temporary as well
  14. Yep came here to post the same thing about the profile pics Only having that issue on mobile (iPhone) though, the layout is fine on desktop but yes the pics are off-center The new "1 month later... 2 weeks later...." thing between posts is weird, not a fan but whatevs
  15. I think it works a lot better as a clip show, the way it was designed. Clearly meant for TV broadcast rather than a piece of music in its own right but I have a lot of nostalgia for that Oscars performance. I was 11 when it aired and had just become a John Williams fan, taped it on VHS, watched it all the time, know it by heart. It’s how I was introduced to many of these themes. Cinema Paradiso-The Godfather has to be the most seamless, but another I always thought was really fun was Col Bogey-Patton-Rocky.
  16. In the poll it’s “Remembrance” That was my pick. That and American Process always are the first things I think of, perfect melodies with the best film moments (Lincoln riding past the dead soldiers and the amendment vote, respectively)
  17. I think that’s it more than anything. Awards are arbitrary but it’s the simplest way to quantify his acclaim. Most famous actors are lucky to get “Academy Award nominee/winner” by their name so the fact John Williams has 50+ isn’t nothing. It’s just not a hot take anymore that awards shows are dumb. It was cool when Brando and Hoffman and George Scott were saying it and then became a Gen X soapbox but awards can symbolize something meaningful for people who win them. It’s like getting Employee of the Month, you’ve been busting your ass for awhile and finally everybody agrees you d
  18. The JW signature edition conductor’s scores are pretty much always like $50-75 for people who just wanna score study (or whatever other reason that’s all you need.) I wonder how many people have accidentally bought the expensive performance packages with every individual part...
  19. Is this being played by two subsections of violas double-stopping the dyads? Or are the violas divided even further playing these as four separate lines? If it's the former how difficult is that? Also how negligible would the difference in sound be between those two possible methods?
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