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  1. Great that Mr Williams is keeping busy.
  2. I've got a bad feeling about this but having JW on board is a no-brainier.
  3. Still got my OST sealed still from Amoeba Records Hollywood but loving the expansion.
  4. Excellent mother will buy this for me. A STAB not to.
  5. I hope TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING, MEDICINE MAN due for an expansion, limited edition, deluxe version now for 2021.
  6. SPR: Smile you son of a tank! but EMPIRE OF THE SUN the best overall!
  7. This Music Composed & Conducted By John Williams has definately got the enhanced re-living vibes of a grand listening experience to this superb film.
  8. Found two scratch marks on both disks. Not played yet and the booklet was hell to slide back which resulted in tears......yes tears!
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