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  1. These are phenomenal. Not sure how I missed them until now, but I'm so thankful to have discovered this thread. Wonderful work. Thank you!
  2. Yep! Sorry for the picture quality. Just snapped a quick pic as we were running out and I realized it had come in the mail!
  3. Hook and Last Crusade for me. Hook is a top 5 personal favorite Williams score and it needs Mike's treatment. A close second would be Amistad followed by Tintin. The Last Crusade is my favorite IJ score and film. Raiders is technically a "better" film but I love TLC.
  4. Surprised to see mine was shipped Saturday it seems. Should be here tomorrow or Wednesday I hope. Can't wait. It's a Williams work that I am almost completely unfamiliar with and look forward to going in blind. What a treat!
  5. I'll definitely be picking it up. Excited to see what else their Black Friday slate has in store!
  6. There isn't any music from Home Alone in the film that I'm aware of. The first two Santa Claus films are nostalgic for me (especially the music). I even picked up the promo score release of the second film for quite a bit not too long ago. Anyways, I am not aware of any spots where it uses Home Alone music at all. I'll keep my ears open when it's playing in the background of our constant Christmas movie Plex playlists.
  7. Oh 100%. I agree. I just meant that I would not let the fact that fan was the source stop me from using it. Of course if I had the legitimate source material, that's what I would use. I only meant that the (to me) it would be silly to not consider using material from a fan simply because it was from a fan, leak, etc. As for your second paragraph, I agree wholeheartedly. I obviously want all of JW's unreleased/unexpanded work too, but if I had to choose, I'd take proper, MM-produced versions of Star Wars, Indy, and Hook. It might not get a ton of attention (outside of a place like this) in the public consciousness, but Hook is a top-tier film score for me and a personal favorite with so much sentimental value to me. I really hope I can add a proper presentation to my library someday. And for the record, I of course have the LLL and OST. I'm not depriving myself of "good" while holding out for "perfect."
  8. I would blame them. If were the rights owner (Sony), I wouldn't care what the source was. I might be annoyed it had gotten out or been taken or whatever, but at the end of the day, the material belongs to Sony. They would obviously have every right to use it and the fact that someone might have possessed it illegally doesn't make the material itself any less valid. I wouldn't make some moralistic stand as if I'm sticking it to bootleggers/leakers by not using the material in my authorized release. Regardless, as Jay said, for whatever reason, the decision was made not to include it.. Even though we can cobble together a good experience with the sources available to us, a proper (ie, Matessino produced) version of Hook is right under Star Wars and Indy for me at this point. Hook is a Top 10 score for me from any composer. It's very special to me personally I hope it gets the presentation and preservation it deserves.
  9. There's nothing I associate with Harry Potter more than the music Williams wrote for it...including the books/films themselves. It's like Superman for me. I can't imagine the source material without the corresponding music at this point.
  10. I would LOVE a Mike Mattessino version of Hook. LOVE it.
  11. Can't wait for this. 80's-90's Elfman is terrific and Sleeping Hollow is a favorite, although I too have to be in a particular mood. When I am though, it's perfect.
  12. The FSM Thread has some details from folks who received it. Seems some tracks are duplicated and (maybe) there are a couple unreleased alternates? Maybe. I don't have the disc and have done no digging on it so I can't say.
  13. Mine arrived from Intrada today. Much faster than I was expecting. Can't wait to dig in!
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