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  1. I have to agree on Soul. They bent (shattered) the rule for one reason and one reason only: optics (political correctness). The rules don't matter. Virtue signaling for the Academy is where it's at. Soul will make the final list of nominees. I think that's virtually guaranteed. It wouldn't surprise me at all if it won. I'm actually trying to think of a score that really knocked me out in 2020...
  2. The entire world also forgot she existed by BvS and JL.
  3. WW1984 was abysmally awful. We watched it last night and I was seriously surprised by how bad it is. I actually enjoy campiness/silliness to some degree, but this was just ridiculous. Also, the portrayal of the 80s was just a ridiculous caricature of the decade - and not even in a clever or amusing way. Nonsensical “plot.” The whole "Steve Quantum-Leaping via magical wish into some other guy's body" might be the lamest way I've ever seen a character be shamelessly resurrected. There were surprisingly subpar visual effects at times. It's also as subtle as a bulld
  4. Thanks for those links, @TSMefford and the info @Datameister! I appreciate it!
  5. Cool, thank you. Will check that out. I've been itching to create a playlist from the LLL set (or other films) to recreate the park ambience. Thanks again!
  6. Does anyone happen to have a list of the specific Potter music that plays in the various venues/attractions at Universal in FL? We just spent some time there. I'm admittedly not an expert on the Potter music but would love to create a playlist of all the cues used in the park. Not necessarily looking for a breakdown by area, attraction, etc. (though if someone has done one, AWESOME), but just in general, I'd love to know what music plays in the parks there. This set has quickly skyrocketed to my top played since our trip! I couldn't love it any more.
  7. I ordered mine on release date and no shipping notice yet... hopefully soon!! Super excited about this release!
  8. Hook. They're both masterpieces but Hook has the edge both thematically and for me, nostalgically.
  9. Good call, King Mark. I was actually thinking of starting a similar thread for all of Williams' various concert arrangements (not limited to SW) but just hadn't gotten around to it. This will make a nice start. Thanks!
  10. This isn't directed at anyone. I'm just passionate about this subject lately... On top of what Jay said, it's likely not often feasible for LLL to print an entire run. Sure, some are likely going to sell out quickly like Jurassic Park, which hasn't had a proper release since the OST unless you count the digital expansion back in 2013 or whenever. Even a score like Superman, which is undoubtedly at the top of many fans' lists, is questionable to sell out its entire run quickly. My wife has a small business and inventory management is easily the MOST complex part of what
  11. If MM had the opportunity to do Hook HIS way, I'd rebuy pre-order on Day 1 without question.
  12. I actually don't think we are done with the magical/White Walker/3 Eyed Raven angle. There's only three episodes left to wrap everything up but I can't be certain that storyline is dead. Where was Bran warg-ing all that time during the battle? He obviously has some connection to the NK. There has to be more backstory. Also, I haven't been involved in this thread until now so this may have been covered, but I want some fleshing out of the NK/Bran/Stark relationship. This video touches on it - Additionally, the fact that he can ride a dragon (even thoug
  13. Quick first reaction - Overall, I thought it worked decently well, but it wasn't cohesive. I liked the callbacks to the Captain America theme, etc. Having said that, I think half the solemn/serious/sad moments were temped with Silvestri's previous work OR he HEAVILY relied on them. I heard strong echoes of Contact, Forrest Gump, and Cast Away throughout. Saw it last night in a sold out theater with my kids, so I honestly wasn't too intensely focused on analyzing the music, but Contact and Cast Away literally yanked my right out of it a couple times.
  14. I'll just add that Mike HAS TO get his hands on Star Wars / Indy and give them releases like this.
  15. I've only skimmed through so far, but it's never sounded better. I know this score better than I know any other and I've never heard it with this much presence and clarity. It's like you're in the room with the orchestra. This may be the most impressive of Mike's work yet, although I'm admittedly biased by my love for this score. The music has a warmth to it that I never knew it was lacking before this release. Don't get me wrong, the Blue Box is a stunning release and a crown jewel of my music library. I'll try to do an A/B comparison at some point, but to my ears, it's just no contest when i
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