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  1. If MM had the opportunity to do Hook HIS way, I'd rebuy pre-order on Day 1 without question.
  2. I actually don't think we are done with the magical/White Walker/3 Eyed Raven angle. There's only three episodes left to wrap everything up but I can't be certain that storyline is dead. Where was Bran warg-ing all that time during the battle? He obviously has some connection to the NK. There has to be more backstory. Also, I haven't been involved in this thread until now so this may have been covered, but I want some fleshing out of the NK/Bran/Stark relationship. This video touches on it - Additionally, the fact that he can ride a dragon (even though he "turned" it) becomes a little more interesting after last night and his ability to be completely unharmed by fire. I'm not saying he's got Targaryen blood in his lineage... I'm just saying it's interesting that he can ride a dragon and is immune to fire. It likely is meaningless, but with all the focus on the Walkers since literally the opening scene of the first episode, I hope we get something more. Overall, I really enjoyed last night's episode. The quality of the HBONow stream was absolute garbage. We stopped 30 minutes in and literally rewatched at like midnight and it was much better. I like that it was Arya that took him down, but like I said, I am not sure we are totally done with his story. The foreshadowing of Bran giving her the dagger in that same spot and that it is also the spot where Jon says to her, "How did you sneak up on me like that?" shows her fulfilling her destiny. Only three episodes left. We've got a lot of ground to cover. Drama/infighting between Sansa/the north and Dany, Jon and Dany needing to figure out their relationship post the revelation of his true lineage...plus Cersei. That's a lot to do in three episodes. I can't wait. This is why I still prefer watching shows like this live versus just binging. I love all the discussions, fan theories, etc. That's half the fun!
  3. Quick first reaction - Overall, I thought it worked decently well, but it wasn't cohesive. I liked the callbacks to the Captain America theme, etc. Having said that, I think half the solemn/serious/sad moments were temped with Silvestri's previous work OR he HEAVILY relied on them. I heard strong echoes of Contact, Forrest Gump, and Cast Away throughout. Saw it last night in a sold out theater with my kids, so I honestly wasn't too intensely focused on analyzing the music, but Contact and Cast Away literally yanked my right out of it a couple times.
  4. I'll just add that Mike HAS TO get his hands on Star Wars / Indy and give them releases like this.
  5. I've only skimmed through so far, but it's never sounded better. I know this score better than I know any other and I've never heard it with this much presence and clarity. It's like you're in the room with the orchestra. This may be the most impressive of Mike's work yet, although I'm admittedly biased by my love for this score. The music has a warmth to it that I never knew it was lacking before this release. Don't get me wrong, the Blue Box is a stunning release and a crown jewel of my music library. I'll try to do an A/B comparison at some point, but to my ears, it's just no contest when it comes to audio quality. This is a worthy upgrade all the way. The new Fortress track is simply beautiful as well.
  6. Absolutely loved this arrangement. I've heard this score countless times as it's the score that started it all for me. Well, actually, I saw Superman III on TV as a kid first, so technically Ken Thorne's adaptation of Williams' material started my love for film scores, but you get the idea. This is a lovely arrangement and I'm thrilled it exists. Simply beautiful.
  7. I've been a space/NASA junkie since I was a kid. I can't believe I haven't seen that reunion photo until now. Thank you. As to Roger's responses over at FSM, they don't really make any sense and seem to be an overreaction. Having said that, I know a TON of work goes into these projects just based on what little I hear online and perhaps he was just caught at a bad moment after a particularly stressful day or project. We're all human and we all have bad days. At the end of the day, we're getting APOLLO 13 done by Mike Matessino! I was thrilled to learn this was coming at all, but OVERJOYED to hear Mike had done this. I never expected that! Can this man please do EVERY score that I love?
  8. I will absolutely own this. The score and film are among my favorites!
  9. I enjoyed it. I get the criticism about the villain, but (spoiler): Overall, I thought it was a worthy sequel.
  10. You're right. That's so hard to believe! They're perfect as-is. I've played that set countless times.
  11. This is at the very top of my holy grails list. Holy crap. Finally. I've loved movie scores since I was very young and first heard Williams' Superman in the movie on a TV airing. Over the years, as interest has peaked and waned, there are a handful of scores that have reinvigorated my passion for film music. Seeing this film and hearing Kamen's score so prominently was one such moment. I immediately begged my parents to take me to the nearest Musicland (remember those?) and purchased the OST with my hard-earned lawn mowing money. I still have that CD. I can't wait to get this new version in my hands. Of all the unbelievable releases we've gotten lately, the Superman films (The Blue Box), CE3K (LLL), The Goonies (VSD), and now Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves from Intrada. These were the scores that just did it for me at various times in my life. This is terrific!
  12. That’s a good point. I can agree with that. I do hope IX takes place some years in the future. Given the state of everything, it almost seems like it would have to.
  13. Yeah, I can see that point for sure. In this world so far, lineage has played a huge role. I am not opposed to the whole "muggle morn" idea being carried over. I just like the lineage aspect of Star Wars. I also do like Kylo being the main villain - I just feel Snoke was wasted and never really given any weight. I never felt like, "Oh, Kylo has stepped up and either taken or inherited the role from this great evil power. It just seems like he took over for the guy who was main villain because the movie told us he was. He never had any weight to me. Definitely glad he's gone - just don't think he ever seemed to matter.
  14. Snoke was a useless placeholder. We never cared about him at all. By Jedi, the Emperor dying mattered. Snoke was as useless here as Steppenwolf in Justice League. No backstory. No reason to care, fear him, or take him seriously. The Leia death fake-out was awful. I truly wish her character had received a graceful exit in this film. I loved pretty much everything on the island with Luke and Rey. The explanation of the force was terrific. I didn't like Rey's parents being nobodies. We get it. Greatness can come from anywhere. Don't care one bit. Wanted her lineage to matter. The music fit the film perfectly and I thought was mixed very well and very appropriately. Rose seemed very forced. She never earned me caring about her as much as they tried to make it happen. Laura Dern's character was also pointless and seemed only there to have some "hero" die by sacrificing herself. Overall, I enjoyed it and will go see it again to better form my opinion. On first viewing though, The Force Awakens is undoubtedly a better film in my opinion.
  15. Why You Can’t Hum Any of the Tunes From John Williams' 'Star Wars' Soundtrack for ‘The Force Awakens’ I'll just drop this here. https://www.inverse.com/article/9553-why-you-can-t-hum-any-of-the-tunes-from-john-williams-star-wars-soundtrack-for-the-force-awakens So happy to have this FYC music for now! And thanks, Jay for the "no-editing-required" playlist. Listening to it now!
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