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  1. Oh 100%. I agree. I just meant that I would not let the fact that fan was the source stop me from using it. Of course if I had the legitimate source material, that's what I would use. I only meant that the (to me) it would be silly to not consider using material from a fan simply because it was from a fan, leak, etc. As for your second paragraph, I agree wholeheartedly. I obviously want all of JW's unreleased/unexpanded work too, but if I had to choose, I'd take proper, MM-produced versions of Star Wars, Indy, and Hook. It might not get a ton of attention (outside of a place like this) in the public consciousness, but Hook is a top-tier film score for me and a personal favorite with so much sentimental value to me. I really hope I can add a proper presentation to my library someday. And for the record, I of course have the LLL and OST. I'm not depriving myself of "good" while holding out for "perfect."
  2. I would blame them. If were the rights owner (Sony), I wouldn't care what the source was. I might be annoyed it had gotten out or been taken or whatever, but at the end of the day, the material belongs to Sony. They would obviously have every right to use it and the fact that someone might have possessed it illegally doesn't make the material itself any less valid. I wouldn't make some moralistic stand as if I'm sticking it to bootleggers/leakers by not using the material in my authorized release. Regardless, as Jay said, for whatever reason, the decision was made not to include it.. Even though we can cobble together a good experience with the sources available to us, a proper (ie, Matessino produced) version of Hook is right under Star Wars and Indy for me at this point. Hook is a Top 10 score for me from any composer. It's very special to me personally I hope it gets the presentation and preservation it deserves.
  3. There's nothing I associate with Harry Potter more than the music Williams wrote for it...including the books/films themselves. It's like Superman for me. I can't imagine the source material without the corresponding music at this point.
  4. I would LOVE a Mike Mattessino version of Hook. LOVE it.
  5. Can't wait for this. 80's-90's Elfman is terrific and Sleeping Hollow is a favorite, although I too have to be in a particular mood. When I am though, it's perfect.
  6. The FSM Thread has some details from folks who received it. Seems some tracks are duplicated and (maybe) there are a couple unreleased alternates? Maybe. I don't have the disc and have done no digging on it so I can't say.
  7. Mine arrived from Intrada today. Much faster than I was expecting. Can't wait to dig in!
  8. I have to agree on Soul. They bent (shattered) the rule for one reason and one reason only: optics (political correctness). The rules don't matter. Virtue signaling for the Academy is where it's at. Soul will make the final list of nominees. I think that's virtually guaranteed. It wouldn't surprise me at all if it won. I'm actually trying to think of a score that really knocked me out in 2020...
  9. The entire world also forgot she existed by BvS and JL.
  10. WW1984 was abysmally awful. We watched it last night and I was seriously surprised by how bad it is. I actually enjoy campiness/silliness to some degree, but this was just ridiculous. Also, the portrayal of the 80s was just a ridiculous caricature of the decade - and not even in a clever or amusing way. Nonsensical “plot.” The whole "Steve Quantum-Leaping via magical wish into some other guy's body" might be the lamest way I've ever seen a character be shamelessly resurrected. There were surprisingly subpar visual effects at times. It's also as subtle as a bulldozer. All men are ogling creeps. Got it. Also, I love how she very blatantly tries to avoid hurting people and being "above violence" almost to the point of breaking the fourth wall. After telling the one driver that "the brakes still work" after ripping out the steering wheel, I half expected her to look at the camera and say, "Just wanted to be sure you fine folks in the audience know that I am not dooming him to a fiery car crash. The brakes still work and I am a good person who does not believe in violence." The retconning of Diana Prince’s adventures in 1984 is somehow even more egregiously stupid than Captain Marvel’s MCU appearance in 1995. The audience is supposed to believe the events of this film occurred and then decades later when Batman v. Superman and Justice League take place, nobody remembers anything? I love good escapism as much as anyone but WW1984 was terrible.
  11. Thanks for those links, @TSMefford and the info @Datameister! I appreciate it!
  12. Cool, thank you. Will check that out. I've been itching to create a playlist from the LLL set (or other films) to recreate the park ambience. Thanks again!
  13. Does anyone happen to have a list of the specific Potter music that plays in the various venues/attractions at Universal in FL? We just spent some time there. I'm admittedly not an expert on the Potter music but would love to create a playlist of all the cues used in the park. Not necessarily looking for a breakdown by area, attraction, etc. (though if someone has done one, AWESOME), but just in general, I'd love to know what music plays in the parks there. This set has quickly skyrocketed to my top played since our trip! I couldn't love it any more.
  14. I ordered mine on release date and no shipping notice yet... hopefully soon!! Super excited about this release!
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