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  1. First notes I ever heard were the samples, then the podcast. After a couple more listens to the samples I started kinda liking it so I ordered it pretty much blind with SpaceCamp.
  2. Weirdly I haven't listened to it much. Maybe I overplayed 1. But it makes new listens feel more special!
  3. Had a listen this weekend with @Chewyand @crumbsand we all agreed we love the score even more than the first one, with its deeper emotional score - though my favourite single bit might still be the second half of Battling the Green Death. Powell's great at playing around with his old themes when he needs to but all the new ones are all awesome.
  4. Filler episode on top of filler episode on top of filler story arc on top of filler story arc? It doesn't help at all. Most CW does is make whiny Hayden Anakin even more insufferable when you see how much better he could have been.
  5. Oh hell no it doesn't. Count customs you have to deal with yourself on top of that plus the shipping.
  6. Everything can be used well and not so well. Depends on the project and the composer's abilities. I do always particularly enjoy non-standard instruments popping up.
  7. We deserve the punishment, though - ordering these filthy CDs from outside instead of buying the nice hungarian-produced and manufactured expanded HTTYD and austrian-produced expanded JW scores and all those.
  8. All I know is I ordered HTTYD2, paid 20 pounds, 20 more for shipping, then 25 more for customs with having to fill out papers and shit. At least Amazon take care of it themselves.
  9. They could be 1.5 times more expensive there and it'd still be more worth it to order from them and not have to pay and deal with customs.
  10. That quote is said by a Luke who already had years to fume about all this past he only had secondhand accounts about, with nobody there to put it all in context for him. He's wrong and changes by the end. Why is this so complicated Also why can Beowulf kill Grendel and hi smother and rule a kingdom but die while killing the dragon. How can Arthur lose his throne and get a mortal wound getting it back after so many successes and growth. why are these monomyth writers attacking the monomyth
  11. But obviously unused cues including alternates have to be included on a proper comprehensive release too.
  12. I think the Intrada samples were my first ever listen to a note of this score - thought it was OK enough, worth looking into more. The cues in the preview podcast peaked my interest, but now the samples in the proper podcast hyped me up and I can't wait to get it, no further pre-investigation necessary!
  13. The only film I tried to watch and couldn't even finish was JFK, made it maybe 10 minutes in. The ones I hated/thought were bad were JP:TLW, AotC, RotS and TROS. I don't necessarily disagree about the casual racism aspect but why doesn't anyone bitch about english, scottish, welsh, irish, australian, american, hell, danish, swedish, german, whatever people all playing each other? Isn't it a different kind of racism, "we big good whites can deal with it, but we gotta protect these poor weak others"? Anyway, IMO it's not enough of a reason to write the entire thing off as bad. Them all speaking English and what the script devolves into by the end are better ones.
  14. I love that Powell's into this whole expansion business and wants his scores out there in better form... but he needs a producer or at least consultant.
  15. Oh no! A compilation of his was among our few CDs when I was a kid, I loved 1492 on it. Will listen to Odyssey tonight
  16. Can this bullshit die already? Can someone take his estate away from them? Been looking into him lately by the way - I've liked Arrival since I first saw the movie, but I now also instantly fell in love with Drone Mass and Last and First Men's soundscapes. The Shadow Play's also nice.
  17. TFA hyped me up in the beginning, only with later rewatches did it get worse and worse and worse; and I was willing to forgive/overlook TLJ's faults (or even pretend they weren't there when a vocal part of the goddamn internet pretended it only had faults) for all its efforts; but 9 brought the entire trilogy down completely, making me want to even think about them maybe even less than the prequels. The OT, on the other hand, rewatched unaltered after the Rinzler books and some time away from these wrecks, still feels fresh and fun and impressive looking.
  18. Ah, so that's why it's not as good!
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