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  1. Revisited one of my old favourites I attempted multiple times, The Boys of Paul Street: The music of this classic was composed by prominent vocal composer Emil Petrovics, known for his operas and ballets. One of the main motifs is the waltz of the handcranked barrel-organ, symbolising the invisible hand of fate cranking life forward, making the music go on, an idea also present in some of the director's other films (Professor Hannibal, The Fifth Seal). Early in the movie it's present as source music originating from the actual barrel-organ on the street, later it comes ba
  2. Listened to some OST tracks today and boy do I hope the remixer did a good job here, it's desperately needed.
  3. I tried and failed to read the book last year, gave up before I reached the end of part 1 of book 1 I think. I'm sure this is where everyone tells me it was just about to get good, but what my subjective impression was is that I've seen/read all this before, the characters, the dialogues, the events felt cliché - which is weird because this is probably where they originated and all the inspirations and copycats I got to first followed it a tad too close, so close that I got little to nothing out of the original source material in a hundred or more pages. Whereas when I read Hobbit and LotR, I
  4. On first listen I'm definitely not as big of a fan of this concerto as the previous ones.
  5. These are now my new peak benchmarks for bluray menus. And i forgot just exactly how great the footage looks!
  6. No, the next Intrada title is Sleepy Hollow as they've already announced. The JW one will probably come in two weeks.
  7. It must be 100% redundant though, right? I guess if they keep the price low, no problem, but I still think it's pointless.
  8. Hell yes! No real knowledge of this score outside of loving it in the film. What could be on the 4 discs? Is there that much material? Love that cover!
  9. Semi-serious question: who owns Mike's "exclusive liner notes" he wrote for the LLL? Did they have to license that?
  10. That Daily Planet insert... A Score Takes Flight. So it has some version of Mike's notes. Must be the new master on LLL D3 then.
  11. It instantly gives Magneto more depth and makes the audience more confused about rooting for him or not!
  12. A standard and completely serious name for an instrument - just like "brothel piano" right above it.
  13. FSM sends you your password in plaintext if you forget it, it's not exactly hard to "hack" that ancient relic of a forum software.
  14. One of my favourite single short pieces of all time.
  15. My latest project was the 1968 historical epic adventure film The Stars of Eger (/Eclipse of the Crescent Moon, seen both titles used. This was a long job of ripping the mono audio, utilising looped/repetitive phrases, even using an online AI tool to separate music from dialogue in a few places to varying effectiveness. Been hearing it in the movie since I was a kid (grew up with an old old miscoloured sped up print with missing frames and reel change markers recorded onto VHS from a TV broadcast) but never really noticed or paid active attention to a lot of it, it was a joyous discovery proc
  16. Whoops, the prototype just has the stupid OST edit so it's missing this bit. No idea where it comes from then.
  17. Compare this section: with this: It's edited out of the OST, the DCC has the film version I think, and the prototype has the alternate (confusingly marked film version in the video title) that I far prefer.
  18. It would be so exciting if we got an early Azkaban master with all those early cues Mike submitted and JW vetoed that they didn't even look for, let alone find or have!
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