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  1. Yes, the previous blu really needs a modern update, strange that they're doing nothing. Yeah, I'll definitely craft some big main program from it, but I also like their approach, 3 programs: album, film versions of album, prerecordings and everything else, that you can also combine however you like. It's a bit like the LLL CE3K. Can't wait to get it but even more anxious to hear the samples to see just how good or great or OK or eh the various sources sound!
  2. Mike on FSM: They are really minimal thanks to digital technology, but obviously the disclaimer needed to be there so that no one would assume we found complete scoring masters, which we did search for extensively worldwide. The playback tapes were a very nice find and provided a foundation on which a program of material taken from the MGM 6-track & M&E stems could be integrated into an alternative program. This is truly an interactive release, like getting three different albums, and a lot of opportunity to explore the variations and create different playlists. It seemed important to use this opportunity of doing everything possible to present JW's first Oscar winning work. C&C would not have worked due to variances in sound quality that would have resulted, but also to keep the album experience that Williams and Jewison wanted. For those who are interested in C&C, I'll try to get around to providing the numbers.
  3. Very true - wikisurfing a bit now, and seeing this: "Lennon had lost interest in collaborating with McCartney, whose contribution Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da he scorned as "granny music shit"" is weird - sure, they became more individual writers playing and refining things together, but they play/sing OLDOLD all the time in this, even if mockingly or as a meme! "Martin said that the project was "not at all a happy recording experience. It was a time when relations between the Beatles were at their lowest ebb." Lennon described the largely impromptu sessions as "hell ... the most miserable ... on Earth", and Harrison, "the low of all-time"" - I certainly didn't see that much of this, either, mostly just in the Twickenham days.
  4. This is after George walked out and John didn't bother coming in. And now consider that "then there were two", these same two, for 20 years now.
  5. I wanna get the big new Let It Be box now. I was meh on the album on first listen but I've heard the songs enough in these 3 days that they grew on me!
  6. Part 3 is fantastic. Overall the studio atmosphere is already a lot more easy and friendly but they're having so much fun during the concert especially!
  7. Thor doesn't care about sound quality, his brain instantly normalises the release he latches onto to "sounds good enough to me, I don't care how much better it could sound". Not the OST, that's the expanded tracklist, the bonus unused track was moved to somewhere else.
  8. Is that even its goal? Would anyone who doesn't like them even start it?
  9. I liked Part 1. It did feel a little overstretched but there were golden nuggets in there like Get Back being written/made up out of nowhere, I Me Mine premiered and its inspiration explained, all their messing around playing others' songs for fun. Interesting to see all the brainstorming and debates about where/how the concert should take place, knowing how simple it ended up. Horrifying to see George quitting, all of them continuing to jam hiding their shock, and Yoko sitting in George's spot and... doing her... thing.
  10. Finally some positivity too! I'm glad, this'll be so good! That's actually a cool way to approach it if combined it'd be too long for a single disc. No real picking of a main program from the label and producer, you get 3 programs and play away as you like.
  11. Buying as soon as I can! I have wishes and minor holdups but waiting for the podcast episode first then before asking them/pre-whining. How soon is soon, @TownerFan?
  12. Eiger Sanction isn't anything good, it's fine if you never watch it!
  13. You listen or used to listen to classical, right? You didn't know the movies for Bach pieces either.
  14. I'm buying the hell out of Fiddler, hell yeah! Hope it has the film version narrations and stuff somewhere in there, not just the much more boringly delivered OST ones.
  15. TRADITION! Our 5th and final release of 2021... FIDDLER ON THE ROOF: 50th ANNIVERSARY REMASTERED LIMITED EDITION (3-CD SET) LLLCD 1576 Music Adapted and Conducted by John Williams Soloist: Isaac Stern Limited Edition of 5000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $39.98 STARTS SHIPPING DEC 3 La-La Land Records, MGM and Capitol Records proudly present a 3-CD limited edition 50th Anniversary remastered and expanded reissue of acclaimed composer John Williams’ Academy Award-Winning score to the classic 1971 motion picture adaptation of the Tony Award-Winning musical FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, starring Topol, Norma Crane and Leonard Frey, and produced and directed by Norman Jewison. The timeless songs (“Matchmaker,” “If I Were a Rich Man,” “Sunrise, Sunset,” etc.) were written by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick, and the film soundtrack features virtuoso violin soloist Isaac Stern. Orchestrations for the film are by Alexander Courage and Williams himself. The enduring big screen film version of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, produced by The Mirisch Company in association with United Artists, premiered 50 years ago and went on to become one of the year’s biggest hits and earn Academy Awards for Cinematography, Sound and Best Adapted Score. The winner in the latter category was none other than John Wiliams, soon after to become the world’s most famous film composer and win Oscars for his own now-classic music for JAWS, STAR WARS, E.T. and SCHINDLER’S LIST. In celebration of the film’s 50th anniversary, this deluxe presentation, approved by Mr. Williams, offers a fully restored, remixed and remastered original soundtrack recording program on Disc One, a second disc of alternate versions, and a third disc featuring early “playback” versions of the songs as well as selections of Williams’ underscore and other musical material released for the first time. (Some tracks on Disc 3 are derived from the finished film mix and may contain sound effects). Produced, restored, mixed and mastered in high resolution by Mike Matessino (from the 1-inch 8-track soundtrack masters for the main program material), this limited CD re-issue of 5000 units includes an exclusive, deluxe essay booklet by Matessino that provides a detailed account of the creation of the score, which was recorded at Anvil Studios in England, and never-before-seen photos from the recording sessions. A second booklet provides a colorful program guide. The joyous art design is by Jim Titus. TRACK LISTING: CD1 REMASTERED ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK RECORDING 67:40 1. Prologue And Tradition & Main Title 11:21 2. Matchmaker 3:58 3. If I Were A Rich Man 5:24 4. Sabbath Prayer 2:41 5. To Life 6:14 6. Miracle Of Miracles 2:06 7. Tevye’s Dream 6:44 8. Wedding Procession 1:33 9. Sunrise, Sunset 3:52 10. Wedding Celebration And The Bottle Dance 3:56 11. First Act Finale 1:28 12. Entr’acte 1:49 13. Do You Love Me? 3:15 14. Far From The Home I Love 3:02 15. Chava Ballet Sequence 2:36 16. The Rejection Scene 1:40 17. Anatevka 3:43 18. Finale 1:52 CD2 ALTERNATE AND FILM VERSIONS 65:18 1. Prologue And Tradition & Main Title (Alternate) 11:31 2. Matchmaker (Alternate) 3:42 3. If I Were A Rich Man (Alternate) 4:58 4. Sabbath Prayer (Alternate) 2:41 5. To Life (Alternate) 6:19 6. Miracle Of Miracles (Alternate) 2:09 7. Tevye’s Dream (Alternate) 6:55 8. Sunrise, Sunset (Alternate) 3:52 9. Wedding Celebration And The Bottle Dance (Instrumental) 3:48 10. Any Day Now (Unused) 2:45 11. Do You Love Me? (Alternate) 3:13 12. Far From The Home I Love (Alternate) 3:02 13. Chava Ballet Sequence (Alternate) 2:36 14. The Rejection Scene (Instrumental) 1:33 15. Anatevka (Alternate) 3:42 16. Finale (Alternate) 2:05 CD3 PLAYBACKS AND ADDITIONAL SCORE 56:02 1. Timpani Fanfare :18 2. Matchmaker (Playback Version) 4:46 3. If I Were A Rich Man (Playback Version) 5:03 4. Sabbath Prayer (Playback Version) 2:41 5. Tevye Thinks On It 1:04 6. To Life (Playback Version) 6:47 7. Street Scene And Riverbank :58 8. Perchik And Hodel Dance :46 9. Tevye’s Monologue 2:40 10. Miracle Of Miracles (Playback Version) 2:21 11. Chava Takes The Book :43 12. Dream Epilogue :28 13. Wedding Preparation :52 14. Wedding Procession (Playback Version) 2:19 15. Sunrise, Sunset (Playback Version) 3:45 16. The Cornfield – Tradition :48 17. Socio-Economic Relationship :35 18. Any Day Now (Playback Version) 2:46 19. Tevye’s Rebuttal 2:35 20. Do You Love Me? (Playback Version) 3:14 21. Far From The Home I Love (Playback Version) 2:27 22. Russian Church 1:36 23. Anatevka (Playback Version) 2:44 24. Exodus (Excerpt) 1:30 25. Fiddler On The Roof (Instrumental) 1:46 Three-Disc Total Time: 3:09:00 Some tracks on Disc 3 are derived from the finished film mix and may contain sound effects
  16. Yeah they often lazily did that, sometimes leaving things in the frame they shouldn't have.
  17. Can't wait for every JJ episode to completely retcon the previous episode.
  18. Those chunks cut out of Desert Chase with a butcher's knife are especially beautiful curation.
  19. I don't know if I should be angry about that because it will be botched or happy that he doesn't waste his time on such stupidities.
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