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  1. I saw it, too and don't think there is much to be gained from a longer release. Although i wager there are people willing to drift through hours of ominous suspense backgrounds because Williams had a hand in them. I wouldn't mind a complete release, if there was material to add, and minus all those annoying songs. As a listener i can sift through what I don't like. For iTunes I deleted all the annoying songs and just went with Williams' music and the source cues. Yeah, I know what you mean about those annoying songs! Of course I left those off in my edit. There's about 20-30 minutes of unreleased stuff and a few cues in the beginning of the film (not on the OST) that are just awesome.
  2. You guys are hilarious! I've become a "lurker" on this site for the past few since since I graduated from college and entered the "real world". Yes I still have yet to release the edit, but it is complete and after reading through all of the recent posts, I will post this within the next few weeks. This edit was very time consuming but I love the score so much that I kept at it and it turned out great. I put a lot of effort into editing out all the sound effects since I really didn't have an issue with dialog. Oohhh....covers! I never received those in my email. They look great! Anyway, you guys have now dragged me out into the open and now I'm forced to release this. Lol! For being an edit I think it's top quality and you guys will really like it. Stay tuned....
  3. With all those multiple rereleases of their classic animated films, you would think they wouldn't have any problem expanding scores for rerelease. What's their issue?
  4. Jason, what's with the Rocketeer? Damaged masters, nearly complete OST release ...?
  5. Hey GM! Looking forward to it. I'm always up for anything JP related...especially since JP 4 was halted after Crichton's death The trailer looks great. Can't wait to hear the score!!
  6. Yeah, it's all about knowing how and when to use the electronics to create a better score. Film music is so great because it is so diverse. You've got the techno or urban laced scores, ethnic scores, pure orchestral scores, etc. My fear is that synths will become the standard tool for composing because they are easily accessible in the music making process and the sound is becoming more and more acceptable. I think the increasing focus on synths will limit the diverse sound that we all love in scores and will put limitations on the creativity and originality of composers. Everything will sound so similar and then that's when I think film music will have hit rock bottom.
  7. Indeed especially when that type of a score out beats a much better one that Powell did for HTTYD. I totally agree with these statements but by no means has film music hit "rock bottom". Great music is getting cranked out all of the time...you've just got to discover it. I love pure orchestral scores and it's sad to see that it's on the downfall in terms of usage, but I really enjoy the hybrid stuff out there (electronic + orchestral). It's a new type of music that is affected by the types of movies that are popular and the different compositional tools that are available. My love for film music started with JW of course. When I first started listening to Zimmer, I really didn't like his heavy use of synths and thought that he was sort of degrading film music. Now as I am more familiar with scores from composers other than just Williams, I can say that Zimmer has actual composed a lot of stuff that is up there with Williams in terms of quality and effectiveness. Zimmer has influenced the new wave of film composes with his successful use of electronics, similiar to Williams of 20-30 years ago with the success of his pure orchestral music. Zimmer is a big name today because he is associated with many of the films in pop culture and those that are successful by today's standards. The problem does not lie with Zimmer. It's when other composers emulate his style and think that they too will have similar success. My stance is that one Zimmer is enough. I just hope the the hybrid scores will not die out and become replaced with all electronics.... We shall see....but film music is certainly not at a low. Decreasing in quality? Yes, but there is still hope with the current wave of decent composers. Now the other part about good music not being recognized by those in the industry(the Oscars) is troubling. The Social Network is total crap. A few good techno tracks does not constitute a good score. If film music starts to go down this path, I'll take zimmer clones anyday. I would have been prefectly fine if Zimmer won for inception. There needs to be some other way to showcase QUALITY other than at the Oscars where there is a lot of bias involved in the selections.
  8. I really liked the music for those N64 Banjo Kazooie games. I gotta check out what BloodBoal posted. Should be good...
  9. So is Goldsmith's original score for that film. Yeah, I gotta listen to that soon. One of the few Goldsmith scores I haven't heard. That and LLL's Trek V to name a big one that comes to mind. Trek's on my desk, opened of course, but I guess I'm just waiting for a special day to listen to it....and I've had it since Christmas!!
  10. Brian Tyler's Timeline is exponentially better than the movie
  11. .....that too! Yeah, there's a few more things you could add to my list, as I just don't think it's complete......
  12. Um....okaaayyyy..... How's this - Jurassic Park, minus the awesome action sequences, amazing music, great character acting by Goldblum, groundbreaking effects, CG/anamatronic dinos, and great direction by Spielberg, is just a waste. Put that in your pipe and smoke it all you JP bashers and continuity/error freaks.
  13. I thought that one was "debunked"? I'll have to look into that again because I thought there was an explaination for why it might "appear" to be like what you said Koray.... Wojo- Regarding the term "classic", I'm referring to the impact that JP has had on moviemaking, interest in dinos, interest in filmmaking, groundbreaking effects, etc. Titanic can be #1 on AFI's list for all I care....Titanic sure hasn't had a bigger impact on anything than JP did. Also, that ranking is effed anyway. I think Saving Private Ryan should've been ranked at least higher than Titanic. .....anyway, that's for another thread!!
  14. Jurassic Park by a long shot. It's very simple....JP is a "classic" movie and Titanic is not. Every movie has it's flaws if you look for them. JP is certainly one of the best action/adventure movies that has ever been made. The sum of the parts (music, editing, direction) involved in JP is significantly greater than those in Titanic.
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