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  1. I would venture to guess it is Williams’ arrangement of By the Beautiful Sea listed in this program I pulled from the BSO Archives, the lyrics of which go “By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea…” This piece was played at multiple performances that week, one of which I had actually attended back when I was in high school. I don’t remember much about the arrangement other than that it was in a similar vein as his Hooray for Hollywood arrangement and that (you guessed correctly!) it featured a brief quote of the Jaws bass line at the very end of the piece. Anyone curious about how the tune sounds (though not the same arrangement) can listen to The Ferris Wheel Sequence from Williams’ score to 1941.
  2. I was at the 1996 Tanglewood concert where he performed “Hell’s Kitchen” from Sleepers with the Boston Pops two months ahead of the film’s release.
  3. The Cowboys being listed twice was merely a typo in the program. There was nothing performed in its place the second time. For Harry Potter they only played “Harry’s Wondrous World.”
  4. Just attended an amazing concert by the San Diego Symphony conducted by David Newman in an all-Williams program in honor of the composer’s 90th birthday year. The highlight for me was what Newman indicated to be the world concert premiere of “A New Beginning” and “End Titles” from The Accidental Tourist, which I managed to record and am sharing the YouTube link here. Other great pieces were on the program as well (see photo). Overall the orchestra played expertly. It was a great night with friends at the orchestra’s beautiful summer venue, The Rady Shell (guess which one I am in the group photo…). https://youtu.be/6n3l9hRTDSQ
  5. I have a feeling it’s most likely going to be recordings of the commercially available Hal Leonard Signature Editions, which do have some, if only a few, of the “non-greatest hits” in the series. Mention of trumpet and clarinet suggests maybe Born on the Fourth of July, JFK, or Lincoln for the trumpet, and The Terminal for the clarinet. All of these are part of the Signature Edition series. I feel like anything recording that isn’t a part of this series would likely be some other arrangement, unless it was Williams himself conducting.
  6. Found this fascinating arrangement of the Schindler’s List theme for theremin and piano.
  7. I’d probably add: - Song for World Peace - Hymn to New England - Theme from The Patriot - The final two movements of The Unfinished Journey - Back to America from Angela’s Ashes - The Long Road to Justice from Amistad - Theme from The American Collection - The Banquet from Hook - With Malice Toward None from Lincoln
  8. It would be amazing if Williams presented this as a concert piece. I think audiences would get a kick out of the choral and percussion features, and it’d be a nice deviation from the standard concert fare.
  9. Basing my list on known concert arrangements that have been performed live at least once: The rest of the Lincoln suite Circus Train Chase from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The full JFK suite The Sea Battle from The Adventures of Tintin Escape from the City and Epilogue from War of the Worlds
  10. This apparently just surfaced a couple of days ago. It’s from the 1987 Boston Pops 4th of July concert conducted by Williams (skip to 19:30):
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