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  1. You say that jokingly but I was clapping my hands. I figured, it couldn’t hurt. Desperate times and all that.
  2. I still loathe myself for that absolutely colossal fuckup of mine but it looks like mine will be here by the 18th. I don’t know if you can imagine what it was like to watch the Ultimate Edition of your all-time favorite score come all the way to you… and then watch it go all the way back away from you…
  3. That’s amazing, thanks! I’ll definitely be purchasing this in my next Intrada bundle!
  4. It was beautiful. And an exciting surprise to add one more Williams piece to the concert. Loved the arrangement too
  5. I am sitting in my seat. Can’t wait! There’s literally not a bad seat in Heinz Hall (I’ve sat in all the bleeders) I’m so excited. It looks like there’s a whole class of students next to me. I would have loved an experience like this! Beethoven and Williams together, rear them up right. Good for them.
  6. I’m there but tis hard to find a seat at the bar I’m the dork with the courtship of Princess Leia
  7. I will be soon if you guys wanna grab a drink and toast the maestro Redbeards is it, everyone?
  8. I just bought my ticket. I wish I had seen this! But I am fairly excited. When his last Pittsburgh concert got cancelled, I thought there went my chance. I had forgotten this was happening. I’m glad I was able to secure a ticket. VERY excited about the new arrangements for violin. Those are two of my favorite compositions and I’m a big fan of the Williams-Mutter arrangements. Bring it on.
  9. I bought this recently. I can’t agree with the opinion that is rote in any way, this seems inspired all the way through. Over time, this has grown to be a top ten maybe even a top five Goldsmith score. I’m very glad I own the La-La Land release. It’s excellently packaged, it has great liner notes. This is going to get pulled down off the shelf a lot.
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