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  1. It has to be Hook, right? You're seeing what I'm seeing? Every year I feel like Jim Carey in the Number 23 trying to line up clues
  2. I'm guessing Jumanji or Glory then. I also wouldn't mind seeing The Final Conflict as the Jerry choice.
  3. Ideally, these would Hook, Willow and Under Fire. Supergirl would be nice too.
  4. The best score of 2013 was The Desolation of Smaug.
  5. He does say neither fits. It's probably for that reason. Paul is hard to pin down because he requires reader involvement. He is used to expose your own feelings about certain issues. Every person's experience with Paul is different, at least in the books. That is understandably difficult to adapt to the screen so I've always imagined some simplification but I hope that they remain true to who Paul truly is, that thing that isn't necessarily what I want him to be or what you want him to be either. I agree with the above statements that he will probably be portrayed as a hero at firs
  6. I think so. A lot happens in that finale, it definitely needs spread out for a blockbuster audience to understand. If there are loyal to the novel that is. Inevitably more time will be spent on action sequences during that final sequence, both adapted and newly-created. I also suspect some of Dune Messiah may wind up in there too. I hope not because I think the ending of the book is such a slam-dunk but it's a possibility. Fair. You haven't read the novel and my opinion comes from having read them all. I didn't mean simple as simple-minded, which isn't always the insul
  7. I can appreciate both approaches to a story but this is one moment where I hope Paul is painted in darker shades of grey. It's one of my favorite things about the novel Dune and I would be disappointed if they simplified Paul into being a hero or tragic hero. I don't think he is an anti-hero either. Paul is a unique take. It would get into spoiler territory to explain properly.
  8. It would be actually. It's hard to get into specifics without revealing things but I and think probably all other Dune fans know where the split will be. It will probably be slightly unexpected in some way but general whereabouts seems inevitable.
  9. I always wondered about James Horner. What a score that would have been. Not that I would ever exchange what we have. Ever. Still nice to wonder.
  10. I think Herbert does too although I would not call his writing as lyrical or influential as Tolkien's.
  11. This score is wonderful in any form. The soundtrack was very generous and served us well for years but the cues from the Elfman box proved that there was so much more interesting material to be found. I hope the first two discs are an 'ideal' presentation placing unused cues within the score proper. I wouldn't want to be without Young Ichabod and some of the Dream cues.
  12. This is a score for a film with a lot of intellectual ideas. It will likely play better in suite form anyway. I'm fairly sure Hans composed it that way. This is a great score for Hans that really lends itself well to his methodology. I'm glad to see him get this film. Philip Glass would have knocked this out of the park too, as would John Adams but those are pipe dreams. Not even sure either would want to do it anyway. Hans has the blockbuster clout which this film needs to be successful. I'm sure soundtrack sales from the Zimmer base aren't going to hurt and I want Part 2
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