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  1. I’ve begun mixing the hobbies together and setting up shelves based on major franchises/composers. The Rivendell set needs to be grabbed because there’s a rumor that Barad-Dur is coming with the eye and… well that just needs to happen. My Howard Shore Middle Earth shelf would be very sightly indeed. Jaws will get added to my Williams shelf for sure. I’ve been praying for a Zelda set to go with my Zelda fandom stuff. i could talk about Lego for hours. The Fomo you describe is so real. Also sometimes the second run of limited sets go up in price. There was a time when the UCS Falcon was under 800 dollars. Pac Man is going on my shelf with all my 80s pop music. The Atari and Nintendo will go on that shelf too when I grab those. there’s a Sanderson sisters set coming soon and a Nightmare Before Christmas set coming as well so it’s going to get expensive. I am waiting to see videos on the 1992 Batcave Shadowbox because my jury is still out on that set at that price point. For only one hundred more Rivendell is utterly gorgeous. I am also buying the Lego Villains icons set with the VHS boxes and books. That will go nicely on my Disney shelf. …and this is how I end up spending all my money and pulling my hair out and living in a cardboard box because I can’t make rent.
  2. I am a shameless adult Lego collector. I am currently building a Williams display shelf. As of now that contains: the Temple of the Golden Idol diorama the Emperor’s Throne Room Diorama the T-Rex Breakout diorama I also love the Ideas line. I have the Lego Pop-up book, the ship in a bottle, the buildable Voltron and also the Lego Starry Night, possibly my favorite set. This is a good thread. I’m probably getting the PAC Man arcade or Rivendell this month. I’m just trying to work out finances. Lego is many things but it’s definitely not a cheap hobby
  3. Oh it’s got sentimentality. I didn’t mean it was devoid of that Spielbergism. It just also has a rawness that he doesn’t tap into much since. As Thor so rightly put it.
  4. Do we know if this Jaws will have the source music? Because if it does I will buy it in a heartbeat
  5. Indeed, it is rather unflinching. I prefer when Spielberg doesn’t pull his punches.
  6. I actually think they made the right choice there. John Williams’ was certainly capable of delivering but what Quincy gave us was incredibly personal and moving and a wonderful accompaniment to the film. I can’t believe imagine Williams would have done better, just differently approached.
  7. The Color Purple is arguably Spielberg’s greatest film. It’s a true masterpiece and proof that he isn’t just a one-trick pony; Spielberg is capable of providing more than spectacle or sentimentality.
  8. Between The Fabelmans and getting only 90 seconds off the Shore of Middle Earth, I guess the best lessons of 2022, musically, were of restraint.
  9. I like to think of it as the Stalling-esque variation that takes the “video presentation” sound to its horrific extreme.
  10. You’re right, Empire of the Sun is a more likely structure for them to follow than Close Encounters. I hadn’t thought of that. I’m betting you’re probably on the nose there. I really liked both assemblies. I can’t wrap my mind around anyone disliking the recent anniversary assembly of Close Encounters. That’s about as much thought and care going into a 2-disc presentation of a score as I can imagine.
  11. Let’s not forget introductions, speeches, and applause tracks.
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