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  1. Mattris makes me feel better about my embarrassing posts, whether they’re old, drunk or merely foolish.
  2. blondheim


    Hmm. Is there anywhere else to find it? Anyone got screenshots?
  3. I received the confirmation email with my order ID #259182 at 10:04 am on Nov 30.
  4. I can’t wait to hear this! All this reviews have me so excited, I can hardly function like a normal adult while I wait
  5. I have still received no actual shipping notice. Hopefully its happened and the email slipped through the cracks. I sincerely hope so considering my intrada order just shipped and I didnt order that until almost six days later.
  6. La-La Land, if you’re listening, have mercy on me!
  7. How?! How is yours in transit already? La-La Land’s hatred of blondheim, confirmed
  8. I am convinced that the people who work at La-La Land hate me and stay awake nights nudging each other and laughing about their cruelty.
  9. Bond sounded more authentic with Barry, surely, but he never sounded cooler than when he was with David Arnold.
  10. This is the cruelest thread on the forum. At least until Amistad gets here and I can join your little club. It seems nice there, lots of Cinque’s theme
  11. Unless it got sent and I just didn't get another email? Doubt it though. I don't get lucky like that
  12. This is now two days that I have been awaiting shipment without actually shipping.
  13. I don’t know, 112 sounds nice. So does 113 and 114 and 115…
  14. At least there are others waiting with me in this miserable boat while we starve to death. Misery loves company as they say. Some of you are starting to look like chicken
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