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  1. Yes, this is a short list of composers I am specifically interested in suggestions for at this moment. It is by no means comprehensive, or a comment on who matters during that period. These are blind spots for me. Lalo and Henry are also blind spots but less so. They would be going on another list probably with, so I am not yelled at, names like Dave Grusin and Dimitri Tiomkin as well I am very familiar with Bernard Hermann. Like Goldsmith or Morricone, I can figure him out by myself
  2. My wishlist definitely starts with Mulan. I would also be interested in a complete Final Conflict (a new Omen Trilogy would be *chef's kiss), Six Degrees of Separation, Lionheart and Mom and Dad Save the World.
  3. I didn't add Legrand this time but he is going on the next list. Also, Morricone is a composer I don't need help exploring. It is why I didn't list Goldsmith either. I am familiar enough with them that, like John Williams, I know what the scores to grab first are, essentially. I may eventually make a post asking for lesser known works by major composers. Shrug, who knows. One step at a time.
  4. Recently I have been listening to a lot of John Williams' output from this period rather than from the nineties on, where I normally loiter. I have been cycling through what I can find of Fitzwilly, Heidi, The Reivers, Jane Eyre, Images and The Eiger Sanction. And loving it, by the way. I had been exploring his output from '78 to '84 but I began progressing backwards ever since I heard Story of a Woman posted on here sometime last year. I've been really enjoying this sound and I want to explore other composers working around that time for context. Plus there are a lot of great comp
  5. I just discovered The Eiger Sanction. I'm jamming. It's a real good time
  6. I absolutely loved The Post. I'll take more minimalist Williams any day
  7. Thanks. It's not like we don't have every combination of Prelude and Main Titles that there could possibly be
  8. So as I understand it there are two endings to the Superman March material. There is the Main Title, which ends with an extra crash from the orchestra, and the End Title, same authoritative brass but without the final crescendo and crash. As I had understood it, the Theme from Superman track was the original Prelude attached to the End Title, however that cue on the La-La Land has the extra bop which means it is the Main Title? I doubt a mistake was made, just want to make sure I am correctly understanding Williams original album assembly.
  9. Haha true. I have to take a break because I am getting pissed. This really is a bitch of a dungeon. I am probably going to have to use a walkthrough and that pisses me off. The same way it does when I need a store employee to help me find something that should be clearly indicated and labeled There is no happy medium for me. The original game is a little vague and tough but authentic and the remake is too easy and clear-cut
  10. No I am not, I am playing it on emulator with an orange neon controller. I am a stickler for using the original controller when I play a game, shrug
  11. I used the guide when I was younger but I am trying to beat the whole game without it this time This is breaking me though. The Zora swim mechanic is absolutely ridiculous sometimes. I get caught in a corner even once and I have to delicately set down the controller and count breaths I sometimes think I should have played Link to the Past
  12. I fucking hate the Great Bay Temple Excuse my language
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