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  1. He does seem to be writing a for a much more human and less gothic Batman. I didn't expect to hear so much major key material in the first half. It's definitely different. Curious to hear the full thing.
  2. I mean, I'll step in to disagree about Elfman's Spidey theme not being perfect because that Main Title had everything we needed: a sense of mystery, wonder, creeping, rising, skittering strings, web-slinging, responsibility, solemnity. Mostly Spider-man with a touch of Peter Parker (being born out of the responsibility theme rather than birthing the responsibility theme itself, as it does more regularly in the score proper). There's a wealth of thematic material being demonstrated in 3:30 minutes. That one cue is almost a micro-score within itself. If that were the only musical depiction of Spider-man we had, those 3:30, we'd have quite a lot to pick apart and I think that says a lot about what Elfman does. I simply can't avoid an opportunity to lift up the Elfman Spider-man theme which doesn't get enough love imo.
  3. The two Want albums definitely have filmic potential. I really need to listen to Prima Donna and see how he does with musical narrative. This is exciting news. Hopefully he finds his project sooner rather than later.
  4. I agree. That suite is excellent! I discovered it after my recent survey of Gerhardt's Classic Film Series when I was ravenous for more. While I agree that the overall feel of the orchestra on the Roy Budd is a little scrappier, they obviously put a lot of heart into this performance and I think it has enough charming moments touched with this charisma. The unique arrangements mentioned by Jay are truly not to be missed either.
  5. What about Ace Eli and Tora? Was that last year also?
  6. Wow, those Matessino Indy releases are really going to clean up
  7. I don't think he's a great actor by any means. It's the growth I appreciate seeing.
  8. Even in stuff like Horns, that is destined to be neither a classic nor a cult classic but is perfectly fine otherwise, he puts in a highly watchable performance. I stan.
  9. We also need to include The Shadow as a title in desperate need of a reissue. That score should always be in print.
  10. Good to see Daniel Radcliffe's career get so much better after Potter. For someone who thought he was awful as Harry, he's been getting better all the time since. Way to prove me wrong.
  11. I'm looking to see if there are any other recordings of Young Bess. I am aware of: - The original recording released as part of The Miklos Rozsa Treasury box set, disc 6. - The Elmer Bernstein re-recording from his Film Music Collection box set, disc 5. - Fantasia on Themes from Young Bess 16:35 and Danish Dance 3:11 from the Hollywood Spectacular compilation conducted by Padberg & the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. I'm not sure if these two tracks have ever been released on any other compilation. - A Young Bess arrangement 5:51 from the original Rozsa Polydor LPs. Is anyone aware of any other recordings? The Finale is particularly vexing, being different on every recording. The original ending is so wonderful, I've always been curious why he revised it. Regardless, what a great score this is.
  12. No, but mine has all the same tracks except the one you listed has an additional Dr. Who suite that I clearly need to get my hands on. Mine are called Space Movie Themes and Fantasy Movie Themes.
  13. More Star Trek is always exciting. I can't wait to se what they've chosen.
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