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  1. I apologize. Apparently I have developed dyslexia. I saw Homecoming.
  2. Does anyone else prefer Far From Home? I listen to that suite more often than any other Gia Spider-cue.
  3. Those Cleveland flutes The way he never forgets the mid-range instruments
  4. Likewise with Szell's 9th. I am curious what nautical sounds like to you. I can't think of any particular chord or structure that is officially nautical. I used the adjective swashbuckling because if I close my eyes while listening to those two Bruckner scherzi (5 and 6) I can almost see pirates swinging on rigging or hopping from one boat to another. The first movement of the 6th could also easily be a ship appearing out of the mist a la the Moby Dick sequence of The Pagemaster. At least to me, I like to associate music with my own personal images, colors, feelings. Some recordings even imply narratives to me, in their own way. That is just how I experience music. It doesn't have to officially be anything in order for me to associate it that way.
  5. What do you prefer about the mono 5th over the stereo 5th?
  6. I am listening to The Final Conflict by Goldsmith myself
  7. May I have more information about the two 5ths you've mentioned? Live Orfeo and...? I only have his studio Cleveland atm (I love a comparative listen)
  8. The final movement of the 9th has never sounded as good as it does on that Cleveland. Theodore Shapiro doesn't get the credit he deserves. Plus, my friend loves his stuff. I was unaware of this, so thanks!
  9. Scherzi are rather swashbuckling, aren't they The one in Bruckner's 5th has some pirate energy too Also, Szell is top-notch. Great choice of Beethoven conductor
  10. I want a tracklist, regardless of how much more difficult it will be to wait after that
  11. Thanks! I have always thought of Bruckner's 6th as sounding very pirate-y as well. Especially the Scherzo.
  12. Other than the rest of the Ultimate War, this was my most wanted cue from Hook for a very long time. I was amazed it wasn't on the OST. It has such an impact in the film. It made this version of Neverland seem exciting, almost dangerous. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! The more the merrier. I am making a playlist of everything I haven't heard now. I will get back to you when I have been able to hear it all.
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