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  1. I think 'Mystery Men' did it better than any of them.
  2. The release is glorious as is; but that you folks would go the extra mile and make this adjustment is just amazing. Thank you for all the hard work you do!
  3. Not not in the case of 'Marriage Plans/Robin's Alive.' this was, in fact, a separate and original composition. Granted, more than half of this cue is generic Sheriff villain music, with a few little sprinkles of Robin's motif. But the last minute or so is a glorious reprise of the sombre theme that plays at the end of 'Village Destruction #2,' and then a full orchestra statement of Robin's Theme. It's brief, but magnificent. In addition to the source music that I mentioned earlier, there is a four or five second overlay (Heroic Robin ALT), that is inserted in the film, when Robin crashes throu
  4. I've received it, good fellow. Now, I'm clearly biased with this one, because it is my favorite work of Mr. Kamen. But truly, this release is quite amazing. There isn't a HUGE difference in overall sound quality from the previous release, but it is definitely a rounder, fuller sound. There are quite a few pieces in which little details are more apparent. ie, all of the Music for the Merry Men, in which the dulcimer and Renaissance roots are very crisp. The treat here is having completed sequences that have been missing over the years. The new music really elevates the program, and illuminates
  5. Yeah, man. They conducted a most thorough search in london, Los angeles, and other places, and we're unable to locate a few things. Wasn't from a lack of trying, though.
  6. This is a dream come true. 😊 This score is truly magnificent, and to have completed sequences available now will quite elevate the listening experience. As always, I greatly appreciate Intrada going back and re-working/re-issuing these projects when they discover new elements. T'is a labor of love! Huzzah!
  7. My thoughts on the matter are as follows... being that it is that way on the rhino set, as well as the main and entitles in the film, I have long suspected that it was intentionally recorded this way. Additionally, listen to the isolated audio on the Blu-ray track-- it sounds to me as though the sustained trumpet fades out more quickly, allowing one to hear a split-second of a violin trill lingering, before the chord resolves. But, it ALSO sounds to me as if the LLL set has tried to remedy this, by somehow allowing the trumpet tone to linger a split-second longer, but without altering this str
  8. I've waited my whole life for this one, man. This is my favorite JW score, and I'm hearing instruments for the first time. It's been on constant replay since I got it. Glad you're enjoying it too!!!
  9. Great review, sir. This movie holds holds a special place in my heart, because it was the 'Jaws' film that I saw the most frequently, until we FINALLY bought a copy of the first film. I really enjoy the music, which gives the film a leg to stand on. There are a few legitimately effective sequences in the movie, which the music elevates, of course. I think Sean's death is scene is actually terrifying, largely because of his acting and the fact that you don't see much of the shark. lol you literally see its JAWS!! There are some effective 'death chords' in the brass before the shark theme comes
  10. :: sigh :: So I guess we just have to suffer one more nail in the damned coffin before we get the jewels of the kingdom? All right. I'll take that bullet.
  11. Sounds about right. Now we just need someone within the Disney machine to be willing to give this project to Mike, and all will be righted.
  12. A 3CD presentation of 'Temple of Doom' would be a dream come true. There is so much music IN the finished film, and a host of alternates and still unreleased pieces. I don't know the history of this production as well as I should, but I believe I once read that the sacrificial music was one lengthy piece that was broken down and heard 'as needed' in various parts of the film. The most terrifying portions from the film haven't been released yet. A pristine-quality version of 'Mola Ram's Speech' would give me shivers. All the Palace Source music, and separate overlays would be marvelous. Also--
  13. I don't like it more than the second half, but I'll concede that the two halves almost sound like two different films. The first half is epic, operatic symphonic story-telling; second is vintage 70's romantic/thrilling underscoring. But that works for me, because the differences are visual as well.
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