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    hello from belgium

    @Jay , please pm me to notify me when you do so, i would be very interested in this. The reason i am thinking of putting this together , is that you rarely are just able to use the SW soundtrack for tabletop roleplaying background, since the themes and motifs keep changing based on the needs of the film , thus interrupting the flow i want for the game. Flemish, and malak is out getting his third jaw replacement ... And RedBard , thanks , awesome to see it on wookiepedia, tho it is sadly quite incomplete , with some themes without an example, and many iconic others just plain missing.
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    hello from belgium

    hello, i just signed up here in order to ask some questions of john williams star wars music fans. In the soundtracks to star wars there is a lot of use of recurring leitmotifs and themes, the music of the score paced to the movie, i wonder if i could ask fans to find for me all instances of a specific theme or leitmotif in all star wars scores, so i could maybe eventually remix it so it is only the theme in question, with the reprises and variants of the theme from other tracks mixed, for use in games, especially tabletop roleplaying games.