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  1. just finished reading through this amazing topic and want to first say thanks - it's an awesome reference and discussion, and i'll be going through it more as i repeatedly listen to all 7 soundtracks and rewatch the films leading up to TLJ i did notice one thing today in my listening: on TPM (OST) The Arrival at Tatooine... 0:40 Unknown 2, i hear the first 4 notes of kylo's main theme repeating down an octave i'm surprised i never noticed it before, but it really stood out all of a sudden in my mind and made me picture kylo landing on tatooine obviously no intentional relation, although a fan theory on that connect would be amusing! also looking forward to hearing more about the aforementioned Emilio's book
  2. NAME: neil LOCATION: boulder CO AGE: 44 SEX: M PROFESSION/EDUCATION: entrepreneur/computer science (music theory minor) FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): star wars, superman, indy, et... FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): batman FAVORITE FILM(S): star wars, memento, pulp fiction... FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): nolan, scorsese, tarantino... SPECIAL INTEREST(S): music, games, sports VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: 12/18/15 (lurked when TFA soundtrack came out, now i'm back for TLJ)