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Found 4 results

  1. templeofwhat

    Synths In Indiana Jones Scores

    Almost all music in the Indy scores has some synths in them (Especially TOD) to enhance the music. Some are hidden very well, and some are pretty obvious. I was wondering who created them, and is there any sound clips of them anywhere?
  2. I found some of the clean originals on YouTube (like the club fight score from TOD), but i could not find the original "Short Round Helps" and "Water!" scores. (They just sound better imo.) So can someone here maybe teach me how to clean rip the originals like people did back in the day? Or if someone has the original "short round helps" ect., could you please maybe send me a copy of them? (Doesn't matter the quality.) I just really need them in my life! They sound so good!!
  3. I want to try recreating some of my favourite scores (from temple of doom), and make my own stuff.
  4. anthony.morosof

    The Music of NBC News (1998)

    Good afternoon! I've found a very interesting issue (especially for me as a Williams fan and a Network News themes collector) of 1998. It's an album titled "The Music of NBC News" (that's the link: http://www.jw-collection.de/classical/nbc.htm). Anybody knows anything about it? Is it possible to get it? Or to listen to it? I often listen to some pieces from The Mission on NetworkNewsMusic.com, but it would be great to have he full NBC News Pack by John Williams.