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Found 1 result

  1. "Water" from Temple of Doom and the instruments used in it

    Prepare for a long read. Also, english isn't my first language, so excuse me. So in "Water", there's this odd instrument wich i think sounds really great, and i would really like the name of it. So i made 2 posts about it, but no one seems to know what im talking about, and the sheet music doesn't have the name of it, so heres an in-depth post about it. The instrument is hard to describe what it sounds like, but i think of a chainsaw when i hear it. The instrument plays in sync with the 6-4 note trombone motif, but its 7,30% lower pitched. Here's the parts where you can easily hear it. At 0:21-0:23 it syncronizes with the tubular bells At 0:46-0:50 the notes are a bit loud and is heard easily At 0:53 to 0:56 its the most obivious part At 1:02-1:05 i slowed it down 8000% and its the loud notes And finally, the last part at 1:14-1:17 and we never hear the instrument again. The instrument is also louder in the movie version, so heres some parts where it can be heard easily. I hope people finally know what instrument im talking about.