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In a nutshell I'm a 6th 5th rate composer whose worked on a smattering of projects here and there since around 2001. I've been a fan of film music almost as long as I've been a fan of music and I pursued that to its logical conclusion: I went to college and got a music composition degree. My day job is a percussion instructor at various public schools in Texas, but I'm also working with a fellow composer doing the dirty deed of making marching band arrangements for high schools (because frankly I was tired of seeing so many bad arrangements floating about and also money is a nice way to make a living).

I've been playing percussion for about 16 years and have also picked up some decent chops on a few other instruments along the way. When I'm writing/arranging, I do it on a four computer rig running Gigastudio and East West/Quantum Leap sounds, so really I'm not better than those Media Ventures/Remote Control jerks (I kid). I enjoy listening to and reading about film music and I PARTICULARLY enjoy getting my hands on the written scores and studying them for as long as time allows.

My favorite composer of all time is John Williams. I find him to be THE technical master of composition and I've done my best to amass as many of his works as I possibly can. I'm actually quite the film geek and have branched out to collecting just about anything I can get my hands on. Among my favorite film composers I include Williams, Goldsmith, Bruce Broughton, Erich Korngold, Michael Giacchino, and Joe Hisiashi.

Above all else I try to not be a condescending ass. If I ever offend, I apologize in advance. I didn't mean it like that, I swear.

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