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  1. I've seen some topics that are related to this, but I'm curious more specific to concert performance. What themes, end credit suites, cues, etc. are on your wish list to be performed live?? I've never heard any of the Wrath of Khan Main TItle, Epilogue and End Credits suite as recorded by several orchestras, notably the Cincinatti Pops. Would love to have seen Jerry conduct The Enterprise from The Motion Picture. Some of the television series themes would be amazing in concert.
  2. Certainly. We'll post more ciites at our website as they become confirmed. Dozens of cities across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia all currently in the works. Might take a bit more time to bring it to South America.
  3. Hello all, Perhaps some of you are aware of this, but we wanted to formally post this concert's information: http://life.royalalberthall.com/2013/07/ridley-scotts-gladiator-to-be-presented-live-at-the-royal-albert-hall/ This one is quite a production with a 90 piece orchestra, 80 piece choir, duduk/zurna solos, and with great excitement we will be joined by Lisa Gerrard singing the vocal solos. Hope to see some of you there! http://gladiatorlive.com/
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