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  1. He conducted me and others in singing to him "Happy Birthday"... twice. One at CostCo, with Yo-Yo Ma, the other in Dorothy Chandler Pavilion with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. :sleepy:

    The one at CostCo felt more intimate ;) because there weren't as many people as in the concert.

    Does that count for anything? ;)

  2. Another article on Troy mentions Horner's score:}

    As if the bad acting and inane dialogue weren’t enough, the soundtrack was cliché and disappointing. Composed by James Horner, the soundtrack includes a woman chanting throughout the entire movie. Chanting in historic epic films has become somewhat of a trend lately -- but in "Troy," it sounds like the whining of an 8-year-old not getting their way.

    Technician Online

    ;) Debney End Credits from Cutthroat Island

    Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

    Erich Kunzel

  3. I'd have to see Shore conduct to say anything, but even if I wasn't a big fan of Lord of the Rings, I like the guy, and his Ed Wood music was right on for that movie.

    About Shore conducting, to my knowledge he did not study conducting, maybe some clinics, I don't know, enough to get him by. From my knowledge, Williams also did not study conducting, but he learnt a lot conducting the Pops, and with plenty of friends like Seiji Ozawa, although by that time he only needed to perfect his tecniques.

    Williams is a very charismatic conductor, and can communicate very well the "feeling" of the music, from what I've seen.

  4. I was told that the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra was no more?
    Originally founded in 1945 as the Hollywood Bowl Symphony by the legendary Leopold Stokowski, it disbanded two years later and was replaced for Bowl concerts by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. After 43 years, the orchestra was re-established in 1991, as the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, under the direction of John Mauceri, The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra performs in concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, on recordings for Philips Classics, and tours throughout the world.

    Hollywood Bowl History

  5. From "Gladiator" to "The Passion" to "Troy," nothing screams "epic" like an exotic-sounding, ululating female singer.

    While sitting through "Troy" last week my attention wandered to the film's soundtrack, the last resort of the jaded and popcorn-less. Soon, from the score's generic, thundering drums and sawing strings arose a lone female voice chanting in a nameless tongue, pouring out her melodious lament like a widow over a fresh grave. If "Troy" were the only movie that I'd seen in the past five years, I would have been deeply moved by this exotic, angelic voice. But like any Blockbuster regular, I instantly recognized this woman's wrenching cry as one of the most recklessly repeated musical motifs in recent cinema history: the vaguely ethnic wail.


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