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  1. A public burning of a dead corpse


    I loved that part!!!

    My main complaint from Episode II:

    John Williams' hacked, butchered score.

    The second one:

    Count Cooku?!? LOL! :mrgreen: ROTFL

    Any of us could have come up with a better name!

  2. I think that it could be a love theme of sorts, but it is nothing like the AOTC love theme.  This Love theme from AOTC is full blown, like the old days with gone with the wind, Romeo and Juliet, and other love stories.  Han and Leia is sort of a secondary love theme.  Anakin and Padme's love is one of the main plots of the movie.

    What?!?! :music:

    I think Han Solo and the Princess is a very romantic, and very sweet. You can different types of love themes. They can be very sweet, and lovely (Love Theme from Superman) or it can be tragic, like those chromatic, dissonant love themes.

    So, I voted for "Yes" It is a love theme. Lucas is doing this to get girls packing movie theaters.

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