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  1. On Outland we originally assembled a cue exactly as it was heard in the movie, but there was a very noticeable mistake that drove us crazy, so we replaced that moment with a better take.

    I did something similar on The Wonderful World of the Brother Grimm to eliminate a cough.


  2. I've been meaning to ask you about that before Steef even put it in his signature, someone have a grudge against you?

    Apparently so. Since I responded to that post he has completely blocked me on facebook. I can't see that post on the wall anymore, though I'm told it's still there. If he's a friend of someone I know (and there are a few people) he doesn't even show up in the friends list. I was given the URL to his page and I get a page that says this doesn't exist. He also hasn't responded to a PM I sent him two days ago asking what his problem was with me, though I know he's read it. Who cares? The Star Trek III album is great. It's every piece of music you could want, it sounds great and unlike me, I'm sure everyone is going to love it.


  3. Outstanding!

    I'll order it this week.

    I hope they will be able to do more of the Trek scores.

    A FSM produced complete TMP would be a dream come true.

    The label doesn't matter, it's Mike Matessino that make ST2 and ST3 excellent releases. No matter which label gets the rights to do a complete ST1, as long as they hire Mike it will be a great CD

    You're short changing the work of everyone else that worked on these albums. They are a team effort.


  4. 46" Sony

    Are some of you keeping the 120Hz/240 Hz processing turned on? What are your thoughts about this technology. Do you like it? If so, why? What is it that you see? I've seen it at stores and I've seen it on my own set and have it disengaged. I'm not a fan.


  5. Lukas Kendall posted this earlier this year, "there was a guy at the Star Wars Convention at the L.A. Convention Center a few years ago who was ransoming off original tape reels he had dug up from (LP remix engineer) John Neal's estate, including the original 2" 16-track of side four of the Star Wars LP! (Who knows where sides 1 through 3 went...the way this guy explained it, he got side 4 out of some garage...he did loan it to Lucasfilm at least to make a digital copy.)"

    That was found in this thread.


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