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  1. I prefer the labels issue expanded scores on CD. I don't really like the idea of download only.

    If they were released as lossless files I'd be thrilled. What do I do with CDs now? I buy them and then put them on the computer and never play the CD again. It's such a waste. I don't need a physical disc. I find myself much more interested in the booklets now though.


  2. Superman, of course. It evokes, "Truth, justice and the American way" and fully captures the spirit of a worldwide phenomenon. The Superman character existed for 40 years without this theme and yet it seems like it was always part of him, it is so entrenched in our minds.

    Indy is good, but Superman is great.


  3. You're right. The recording engineers screwed up - Elfman claims purposefully - the recording of his score such that you lose whole sections of the orchestra and others all of a sudden come out of no where, which is really apparent on the soundtrack recording. Listen to the OMPS and then listen to the Cincinnati Pops recording of some of the Batman score and you'll hear what he means. The recording engineers for the OMPS butchered it.

    Could you locate the exact source on that? I'd be interested in reading that.


  4. A little bit of both actually. The film mix has never sounded good to me, and there is just too much music in that movie that it annoys after awhile. The album is entertaining though.


  5. Do they wear intimidating sunglasses and speak in an unaturally clipped accent?

    I'm 100% intimidating.

    And to get this back on topic. The Batman album is very good, I just don't like the music as heard in the film.


  6. In fact, I'm sure Apply has acknowledged at some point that burning to a CD and re-ripping is a way of getting the music DRM free. There's a direct admission that the system isn't foolproof, so why the f**k try to keep the smokescreen up?

    If you re-rip you either lose quality or have a much larger file to transfer. It's more of a speed bump than a deterrent.

    Of course, are these opinions still valid since Apple also sells many DRM-free files that are also higher bit rate?

    Neil - happy with his current library

  7. On my recent trip back to New Jersey, part of my goal was to get my CDs encoded losslessly. By the time I left, I had over 400 albums done, complete with artwork. I've been slowly encoding a box set I have of everything written by Mozart. That's taking awhile. But my terabyte drive isn't even half full, and I have my entire CD collection on it now lossless. It's quite startling. I should post a picture of my drive in the "Post Your Collection" thread.


  8. I would love to hear the music when the Enterprise successfully makes warp.

    You mean this?

    Is the recording of the Main Title in the movie different than on the OST? The first two percussion beats seem more pronounced in the film.

    Yes. The 1979 original and 1983 "Special Longer Version" of the movie use a different take for the main titles than the album. The album is the take Jerry preferred. As there was little time to work on the film and the album, the take that Jerry preferred wound up on the album. For the 2001 Director's Edition, Jerry's preferred album take was used in the movie.


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