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  1. Batman has lots of music that are just there, and loud, without really doing anything.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that notices this, too.

    But as far as pure music goes, I like Goldenthal's Batman scores far more than Elfman's.



  2. But the characters all undergo some sort of development throughout the course of the film, for example, Alan goes from hating kids to liking them. None of the characters in Jaws are changed in anyway by the end of the film/end of their lives.

    Yeah, Brody isn't changed at all at the end of Jaws.

    Seriously, stick with watching Indiana Jones movies.


  3. Naturally I voted for the Love Theme, its hard to think of a single greater piece of music ever written by John Williams. Yes Slave Children is brilliant, and one of his top 10 themes but it lacks the grace, the nobility, the sheer beauty that is the Love Theme from Superman. To bad so many here are clueless. I've always said that so many of the people here are morons, and this travesty of a poll shows once again the immense stupidity of those posters. In no way am I surprised, saddened perhaps but not surprised.

    Now that's the post I was waiting for!


  4. Many films were shot on 35mm and released with 70mm engagements. The appeal, besides the bigger, brighter picture was the 6-track magnetic soundtrack. Before 3 competing digital soundtracks could be placed on one piece of 35mm film, 70mm prints with six-track audio were the best way to get true discrete multi-channel sound in a movie theater. Tonight's showings proved that. And the blow-ups looked great. There may not be an actual resolution increase, but the fact that more light is passing through a bigger piece of film means things can be more apparent on screen.


  5. I rarely post in this thread, but tonight was special. I saw 70mm prints of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (no "II" on the 70mm prints!) and ALIEN. Both looked and sounded the absolute best I have ever experienced them. It was a lot of fun tonight. I had to pay separate admissions for them, (that kind of sucked) but in the end I guess it was worth it.

    And if you fall asleep during Blade Runner, "The Final Cut" isn't going to wake you up or change your opinion.


  6. It won't happen because Williams himself has a contractual obligation to decide whether or not his scores get isolated treatment on DVD/Blu-Rays, and he denies it (as the OST is his ideal vision of the score, apart from the film). Sad, but true.


    Last year I saw an HD broadcast of 1941 and sadly it was 1.78:1 and the theatrical cut.

    Also, don't forget that Cinderella Liberty has an isolated score on it, too.


  7. At the 2006 Vegas convention I got to ask her while she was on stage, that even though she was enjoying her retirement would she do the computer voice for the new movie if J.J. Abrams asked her to. She said yes and the room erupted with applause. I also got to talk to her in the dealers room. A customer at my store in New Jersey said he was her former assistant and I just wanted to confirm that with her. She was really very nice and will be missed.

    I may have to watch "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" soon.


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