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  1. Walt Disney Concert Hall

    111 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Los Angeles Philharmonic

    John Williams, conductor

    Johannes Moser, cello

    KORNGOLD Suite from The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex

    NORTH "Forest Meeting" and March from Spartacus

    HERRMANN "Scene d'Amour" from Vertigo

    WAXMAN Excerpts from Sunset Blvd.

    GOLDSMITH Theme from Chinatown

    ROZSA Prelude and Finale from Double Indemnity

    WILLIAMS Suite from Memoirs of a Geisha

    WILLIAMS "Adventures on Earth" from E.T.

  2. Yeah, it's really very beautiful music. I'd never even heard of the movie when I got the project but after seeing the film and then listening to the tapes I realized that this thing was a winner. I confess to also not having much knowledge of Ms. Morley's original scores, but if they're anything like Nemo, I should seek them out.


  3. Is it only now you realize that Justin and Neil are one and the same?

    That's probably true, but it's not the point I was trying to make. I haven't seen a post from "Justin" in so long that he eluded my conscious thought, and I really don't care who has alter egos. I was merely suggesting that if the Trekkies want to start quoting Star Trek 2, they ought to go into the quote thread. But that won't happen.

    Pete is joking. I am not nor was I ever "Justin". I was "Weebo" when he came back to say he had the AOTC score in 2003. But that's it for the alter egos.

    As for Trek II, I hope everyone enjoys it.


  4. That question came up a few times on set, and that was always my answer. Fortunately, most of the people on set got the line.

    The truth is, my glasses were in their case, under my seat, and I put them on after every take. :lol:

    And my glasses case can be seen in this photo. I can be seen sitting on the corner of the wall, just above that yellow pole on the left.


  5. Hopefully if he gets it, its sorta like Paul Winfields/Capt. Terrell death scene, I prefer slow vaporization to the all at once.

    That would certainly be cool.

    No, I didn't get to keep the costume, Pixie. Security was very tight on this. We had raincoats to wear to hide our costumes and we had to turn in the gold emblem as well on the last day of shooting.


  6. Ah okay I see you changed your avatar now Neil. Did you meet any of the main characters from the film or no?

    You can see in that shot I'm sitting in the same row as McCoy, Chekov, Sulu and Uhura (that's her forehead). I didn't get to meet them. The rule of thumb is not to talk to the principal actors unless they talk to you. They were busy talking to themselves between takes. But here's some trivia. John Cho chews Dentyne Ice! At least he did that day. I saw him smuggling that in his cadet uniform. Rare Star Trek trivia you can only get here!!!

    I was on for 5 days. Four in December 2007 and one day in March last year. This shot in the trailer was a December shot. I had two costume fittings at Paramount as well but I never worked at Paramount. I'll write more about it after the film comes out. But now if anyone wants to know why I was posting like this was going to be the greatest movie ever, now you know. It was purely for selfish reasons. So sorry "richuk", I'm not quite as big a fanboy for this as you thought.


  7. He was an extra?! Wow.

    I completely underestimated his fanboyism.

    Yeah, getting paid to be in a movie is "fanboyism". :lol: I even got paid to get my hair cut.

    I didn't mention it here, though I did link to the 2 photos from AICN that I'm in (if you know where to look) from the shoot last March as CSUN.


  8. I apologize if there are major actors in this shot who I've missed...I'm not yet very good at recognizing the faces of the actors in this particular film.

    Karl Urban is clearly in the shot, just a few seats down from that person that Alan covered in his act of desecration! I should ban him for that!!!!!!!!!


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