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  1. Star Trek - The Motion Picture - Kirk and Scotty touring the Enterprise, beautifully shot and wonderfully scored

    Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan - 2 sections, both from the battle in the Mutara Nebula - the crew getting ready (loading the torpedoes and running up and down the hallways) and when the Enterprise rises above the Reliant, just before the final attack

    Star Trek - Generations - the crash

    Star Trek - Insurrection - the end credits :tongue2:

    Neil - "Full stop. Z-minus 10,000 meters. Standby photon torpedoes."


    There are moments in S4S that are so purely Star Trek and what it stands for.  Friendship, loyalty, trust, honor.  That moment when Kirk tells his crew that Dr. McCoy and he have to do this the rest of you do not, and they tell him they are losing precious time, what heading, and I would be greatful Adm. if you'd give the word.  One of Treks greatest moments ever.

    Indeed, off course that moment occurs in star trek 3, not 4.

    Stefancos- who wonders if joe's knowledge of trek is slipping. :o

    Incorrect, Steef. "S4S" = "Search for Spock".


  3. The scream is nothing compared to how awful Vader's shuttle is. It totally messes up the pacing, suspence and score of the whole scene and just totally changes the scenes mood. I HATE IT.

    The scream is bad, but not nearly that bad.

    You are correct.

    Neil - who thinks the SE's are a cinematic nightmare

  4. John will need to have a theme for the noble but violent death of Mace Windu.

    Who hopefully will be disintegrated by Boba Fett.

    Harry have you watched the Star Wars films?

    Remember Joe, Harry is young and naive and prefers the Special Editions. :)


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