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  1. The scream is nothing compared to how awful Vader's shuttle is. It totally messes up the pacing, suspence and score of the whole scene and just totally changes the scenes mood. I HATE IT.

    The scream is bad, but not nearly that bad.

    You are correct.

    Neil - who thinks the SE's are a cinematic nightmare

  2. Incidentally, the oddest thing about the 6-part series, when watched by future generations will be the strange disappearance of The Imperial March in Episode IV!

    Maybe future generations should only watch Star Wars then and stay away from the rest.


  3. John will need to have a theme for the noble but violent death of Mace Windu.

    Who hopefully will be disintegrated by Boba Fett.

    Harry have you watched the Star Wars films?

    Remember Joe, Harry is young and naive and prefers the Special Editions. :)


  4. one of TV's finest episodes ever. Better than the Phantom Menace.

    "The Best of Both Worlds" is the true classic, though "All Good Things..." is also very good. "TBOBW" is better than:

      The Phantom Menace
      Attack of the Clones
      Star Trek III - The Search for Spock
      Star Trek V - The Final Frontier
      Star Trek - Generations
      Star Trek - First Contact
      Star Trek - Insurrection
  5. As a projectionist, I don't think it's the law. I've never heard that. That being said, we put cues on the film to turn off the projector after the credits have run. I put it on about 4 feet before the end of the film (in the blue section telling you the rating).


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