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  1. Well since Adolf closed the other thread, I suppose we can continue the discussion here.

    Hmmm, I close your unsubstantiated thread and then get compared to the world's greatest mass murderer. Interesting. And people say this is a thankless task.

    Learn some manners.

    Now in case anyone is paying attention, I'm not saying this isn't Giacchino. I wouldn't recognize Giacchino's pastiche style. I just seek confirmation, that's all. The rules clearly state to post sources (check out rules 8 and 9). No one has. That's why I closed and re-titled the other thread. Trekmovie.com hasn't listed a composer for this promo, and Anthony is on top of this stuff. So until then, I'm inclined to believe that the music is not by Giacchino.

    Feel free to disagree with me, but please don't call me or anyone names.


  2. And yes, the Varese cover Pieter used in the OP is a fake.

    You shee. You can tell by the crosh shectionsh.

    It rates a 4 for me. It's a lot of fun and has the most interesting variation of the main title. It's not great, but it's very good.


  3. Koray's comparison of the Superman albums isn't valid. He's missing a track from the FSM (damn those people who share things on the net!). Also, the Rhino included "Luthor's Luau" which has been moved to disc 8 of the FSM set and the Rhino includes the full "The Flying Sequence / Can You Read My Mind" twice (with and without spoken lyrics) which the FSM does not. That would all certainly account for the timing differences, especially Koray's missing track.

    What you gain with the FSM is more music and better quality.


  4. I hope this doesn't force Neil into a Best Buy store for any reason. :angry:

    I went to Best Buy last week. I was given a gift card and I used it to get a Blu-ray disc of test patterns. I wound up spending $2.05, but that was money for the state of California.


  5. So what competition is there now for Best Buy in terms of a brick and mortar store? Their prices are probably going to go up now.

    The sad thing about this is I can no longer claim to have bought every James Bond movie at Circuit City. I bought the "Ultimate Edition" DVDs there and the recent Casino Royale 3-disc set. Circuit City had the best prices on those.

    As those stores will be liquidated this may be a good time to pick up some electronics at lower prices.


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