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Found 2 results

  1. I'm not asking for most wanted complete scores, but for a special, single, yet unreleased cue you really want on CD. My Top 5: 1 Molaram's Speech/The Evil Potion (The Temple of Doom) 2 Professor Trewlaney's Prediction (The Prisoner of Azkaban) 3 The Holy Grail (The Last Crusade) 4 [Cue in Amistad when Yamba explains the bible] 5 Wallcrawler I/Dracula & Mina (Dracula) Since the John Williams Jurassic Park Collection my Top 5 are all new.
  2. John Williams has a lot of influences, almost too many to take in at once. This thread then is really about appreciating some of the composers who came before him. The question I have for you is not "who were Williams' influences?" but "who of any of Williams's influences seems to lend to what you most love about him?" Who's that composer who, in a way, inspired you through Williams' music? If you're not sure how to answer, name as many as you'd like, but try to narrow it down to what styles from which composers might it be you love so much
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