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  1. Hello, JWFan! I made an account here some time ago, though I never really got around to actually posting... But despite my earlier lack of loquaciousness, I now turn to you in need of your unparalleled John Williams wisdom! Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets had quite a bit of tracked music - i.e., music lifted directly from the recording sessions for Philosopher's Stone in place of having original material. I'm trying to make edits that match the tracked cues as closely as possible, but there are a few parts that have me stumped, and I'm hoping you guys can help me out in identifying certain tracks. Also, quick shout-out to Incanus for his marvelous look at the PS score. It's helped me a lot in IDing certain tracks and it's a great read. He is a talented writer and listener for sure! Listed here are all the tracked cues in the film, courtesy of the music summary sheets presented in Fred Karlin and Rayburn Wright's On the Track book, and which parts of them I've been able to match with their PS sources. I've provided videos for the ones I haven't been able to fully identify; apologies in advance for their quality (they're all mono since my video editor refuses to export in proper stereo at times). I can post much nicer-sounding copies of the audio in MP3 or lossless if you think it'd be helpful (and if such a thing is allowed here). Although the audio in the videos is taken from the front and rear channels of the film's surround sound mix, in the end I'm editing all of these straight from the lossless sessions files. [2m9] HOWLER LETTER FOR RON: the first half is sourced from "Escaping Frog"; the rest from "Don't Burn My Letter". [5m1-2] HARRY IS A PARSLEMOUTH: according to the summary sheets, a new cue was originally intended at some point to be recorded for this sequence, but they ended up tracking music instead. The first 30 seconds are from "You're A Wizard, Harry", but I can't pin down where that variation of Hedwig's Theme is from. [6m4A] ENTERING THE DIARY: 0:00-1:24 - "The Library Scene" 1:25-1:44 - "Hermione's Reading" That's as far as I've gotten with this cue. At 1:45 it sounds certainly like "The Moving Stairs", but the pitch is noticeably altered! Those sound editors and their shenanigans. I am in no capacity educated in music at all, but if any of you have any knowledge about these sorts of things, and how I can alter the pitch of the sessions cue to match the film's as closely as possible, that'd be quite helpful. [8m2A] THE CHAMBER OPENS: I haven't gone very in-depth with this cue yet, but is it just me, or is the grandiose rendition of the three-note loop near the end tracked from an earlier Chamber of Secrets cue - "Meeting Tom Riddle"? I could be off on that one since, again, I haven't listened closely to this one as of this writing. [8m2C] ENTERING THE CHAMBER: This is easily the longest tracked cue. 0:00-0:52 - "The Chess Board" 0:52-1:12 - "Checkmate" 1:13-1:52 - "Hagrid's Flashback" 1:53-2:12 - "The Library Scene" 2:13-2:26 - "The Black/Blue Forest" 2:27-3:50 - Here's where it gets tricky. It's definitely some variation of the three-note loop, and there certainly are sound-a-likes in "Three Note Loop" and a bit of "The Mirror Scene", but here it is at a pitch that doesn't seem to match any of those two. Was the pitch once again altered by a music editor? Also, listen closely and you might here that they layered "The Chess Board" over this as well... what a weird decision to make. 3:51-4:12 - "The Chess Board" 4:13-4:28 - "Three Note Loop" 4:29-4:47 - "The Mirror Scene" 4:48-5:03 - Once again, it sounds like a pitch-shifted "Three Note Loop" with "The Chess Board" layered on top. 5:04-end - "The Chess Board" continues on its own until it segues into an all-new cue. [8m4] BASILISK CONFRONTS HARRY: I haven't actually looked at this one yet at all, but I'll probably get stumped on this one too. [8m6] DEMISE OF TOM RIDDLE: It's all from the latter half of "The Mirror Scene", though they changed the tempo of the track several times. Hopefully you guys know your Harry Potter scores better than I do! I appreciate any help you guys can give, and do let me know if the files I provided just sound too awful to be able to recognize anything.
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