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  1. I already know you and Once are exceptions. I'm just saying -- four years later and the same conversations are being had, usually by the same people who have already had them several times. Get some new material, JWFan!
  2. Man, all you guys do is complain. Often they're about things you already have (like the Shawm track and Double Trouble transition) but for some reason want an even more arcane version of. In fact, I'm beginning to think that you guys don't listen to music or watch movies either. I think you just complain about them on JWFan all day. That's why some of you have thousands and thousands of posts.
  3. https://musicbrainz.org/release/b127c472-2053-4e0c-9f96-b4db2f1d8c57/cover-art THE WIZARD OF FILM SCORING TACKLES 'HARRY POTTER' Article by Richard Dyer published May 18, 2001 in the Boston Globe THEY SHOOT, HE SCORES Article by Geoffrey McNab published September 24, 2001 at The Times WILLIAMS CASTS SPELL FOR 'POTTER' SCORE Article by Richard Dyer published November 11, 2001 in The Boston Globe DIRECTOR CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS DISCOVERED THE RIGHT COMPOSER FOR 'HARRY POTTER' Article by Richard Dyer published November 11, 2001 in the Boston Globe WILLIAMS BRINGS MUSICAL MAGIC TO 'HARRY POTTER' Article by Andy Seiler published November 13, 2001 in USA Today https://web.archive.org/web/20160802130006/http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/life/movies/2001-11-13-john-williams.htm COMPOSER JOHN WILLIAMS TRIED TO MAKE MAGIC WITH 'HARRY POTTER' SCORE Article by Matt Wolf published November 15, 2001 https://web.archive.org/web/20210703192947/https://www.deseret.com/2001/11/19/19617515/williams-works-his-wizardry HARRY POTTER - CHILDREN'S SUITE FOR ORCHESTRA
  4. Here's a story Conrad Pope told several years ago:
  5. In 1990 a John Williams Society was founded in France by Yann Merluzeau, and he published a newsletter called "Cantina Band" (journal de la société John Williams). Over the years Merluzeau interviewed big names like Kamen, Delerue, and Williams himself, and published them in his mag. I did a search and apparently this newsletter has never been mentioned on JW Fan before, which surprised me. Does anyone have any information about this?
  6. Yeah; these days he works a lot with Alexandre Desplat -- and Junkie XL, of all people. But Williams's orchestrations have gotten so lean in the past decade that he doesn't really need to send it to a middleman before the copyists get it.
  7. Woah, slow down, guys! Are people still quick to call Horner a hack after all these decades? The movie Karam was probably talking about is "Troy", which Horner had only a few weeks to do from start to finish (Karam got orchestration credit). That's a very good reason to hire ghostwriters. What Karam seems to be miffed about is that this wasn't a crappy movie-of-the-week he was ghosting on, but a real Hollywood picture with an A-list composer. On a project of that caliber he probably would have liked some real cue sheet credit.
  8. (If anyone would like to hear the whole video, he can send me a Pm.)
  9. I didn't take that part literally; I thought Karam was just emphasizing how suddenly he earned Williams's trust on big projects. But you could be right; JW might have been attached to all three from the start. Karam's last movie with Williams was in 2011; he was 82 at the time. He was no doubt ready to retire then! Since then, Williams has just sent his sketches straight to the copyists. I know he sounds sardonic up in the OP, but Karam made it clear in other parts that despite the crazy expectations and demands, working with the best in Hollywood has been a great experience.
  10. Hi! Some of you may know that Eddie Karam was Williams's trusty orchestrator for a long time. Karam gave a talk in 2013 for The Academy of Scoring Arts where he discussed his life in music, his work with various composers (Williams, Mandel, Horner, etc.), and gave some very funny anecdotes. I don't think a thread about this video has been made before, so here are the comments he made regarding Williams. Meeting John Williams: Orchestrating Williams's music: Dividing work between himself and Conrad Pope: "Crystal Skull" story
  11. If it were available, it would be on this page as 17AES-AR04. I checked it in the Wayback Machine and it wasn't available even back in 2017.
  12. Here's a copy! Also, "Soundtrack!" magazine did an interview with him when The Phantom Menace came out. (But ignore his response to the Municipal Band/Emperor question -- I think he and Ford were talking past each other.)
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