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Found 2 results

  1. HI FELLAS!!! YOU KNOW IM LOOKING FOR THIS RECORDS TO MY COLLECTION CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE! AND SHARE WITH ME THOSE rranged, 1999 ACD-1451-1 Star Wars : The Phantom Menace (Bootleg) Disc 1 01. Fox Fanfare (00:23) 02. Main Title / Arrival at Naboo / Darth Sidious Appears (04:49) 03. The Jedi Knights / Amidala & the Nemoidians / The Invasion Begins (05:11) 04. Jar Jar Binks / Swim to Otoh Gunga / Boss Nass / There's Always a Bigger Fish (06:49) 05. Darth Sidious & Nute Gunray / The Bongo Trip / Droids Invade Theed (03:10) 06. Queen is C
  2. CNET asks, "Are you finished with physical media?" I always imagine I'll have a CD collection of some sort. It's been that way for 20 years now, and I don't think that will change. Even though I've ripped all the discs into both FLAC and MP3 for "on-the-go" listening, I still listen to the physical CDs, almost every day at home. However, I have made the switch from physical books to the Kindle. For some reason, this device has just clicked with me.
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