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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, i try to made little video about being thankful for John´s amazing work. Thanks to your JW.com, it has been my home page for many years And this is how John Williams changed my life: ______________________ My childhood wasn´t good and I was feeling verry lonely. There was some unreasonable agression i had to experience from others. Also parents divorced verry badly and i had some serious depressions when i was about 12 years old. It may sound oversensitive, but this is really how it was. During the day i had to live my life, but in the night, before i fell a sleep. I was listening to John Williams music and i felt like - this is my true friend. His music was my best friend in that time. That music gived me feeling that someone likes me. Without this "musical friendship" i think i might not be here anymore. I was 13 and i started to play and write music. It was my childhood dream to become composer one day like he is. I was studying music a lot, 6 years conservatory in Prague, than i got to Berklee, but as i was accepted, i realised that - the music i would love to compose, my brain simply cant do that well. Before this realization i was feeling verry sad, anxious and jelaous. Because i was studying so, so hard and so many years. I couldn't understund why- if i am studying so hard - why the God or whatever there is or isnt, why it won't allow me to do it. I wrote some pieces for orchestra and one of them was this piece inspired by John´s music (this is the piece i called Autumn letter - because it was in Autumn i sent a written letter to John Williams about my story and (that my dream is to meet him one day) But once i realised that in real world of movie music everything must be completed so fast, i realised, that the time come. Time to give up on my dreams. I simply wasn´t that good, that i could work in industry. My brain was wired differently and i couldnt handle all stress and being creative under stress. I had to decide. And i left music completely. For 2 years i was just "man without dream" i felt useless in the world. I didnt know what to do. But than.. a miracle happened. Answer for my letter came and one lovely family behind ocean helped me to make it happen. It was possible for me to meet John Williams and to talk with him personally in his room. The first thing he sayed to me with verry sweet voice and present look in his eyes was: "Ou.. ou.. you came all that long way across the ocean JUST because of me? " He looked surprised and i realised how really humble this man must be. When he invited me to enter, he turned his hands up like there is nothing he has to hide. We talked about music and questions i had since i was young. He was so open to me. Finally in the end, his friend tooked a picture of us. That foto you can see in this video - and since that time, the light came into my life. I knew this moment was really gift for me from "universe" or whatever we call it. And i finally understud, that there exist people with so much talent that its not possible to try to be like them. Not to compete with them, but to accept it and start to enjoy everything they do as a gift to humanity. I came back to home and since that time i forget on being composer. I started to learn to paint with oil and its so funny. All that time, it seems i am better at Art as just a hobby, than to write music. My life is so happy now and i can really enjoy other people's art. In the end i realised every little thing was part of my life puzzle. When i was feeling so down, suicidal child, there came his music to me and it gived me „hope“. And once i was strong enough and i was somehow "prepaired" to face the thruth. The thruth appeared and i accepted it. I began to be 100 procent honest with my life and give more space for others than before in my hearth. This was the gift, that John Williams gaved me that day. That day i wont ever forgot. The day of sunrise of my true soul and the sun set of the "past". John Williams has really some higher spirit. Some healing power for us all. He is our life teacher. Today i love my parents, my friends, i love the world. Thank you! Thank you so much my friends
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