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Found 2 results

  1. "Do you wear glasses"... that's perhaps the dullest poll to have been made here. No No No. Let's ask a question that matter, as Sex toys are becoming less taboo. And if you answer yes, what type suits you the best? Silicone, Leather, Rubber, Metal, Vibrating?
  2. There's a lot of young inexperienced folks round this part, time to sit 'em down and teach 'em some life lessons, and hell maybe learn a thing or two ourselves! From love to finance to cooking. Bring it folks! Here are my first three four pieces of advice to get the ball rolling: Financial Advice Always buy the best of what you can afford (not necessarily most expensive, but best). It's cheaper to buy something long-lasting than something you'll only get to use a couple of times. And always remember, buy for life. If something lasts you for say...30 years, it works out to Price/(30*365) per day. $3000 worth of furniture you can use for even a mere 10 years costs $0.82 per day. There are some things you want to go as cheap as possible, especially stuff that breaks down fast. For a PC (if you don't play games) , buy the cheapest system available in stores that fit your requirements For a HDTV there is also no need to pay for the top of the line models Start saving. Now. Even if you can just put away $1 a day. For TV's whatever you buy will be archeaic and obsolete in a years time. Buy what you LIKE. Not what the newest trend is. Everyday Advice Before leaving the house, always check if you have your keys, your wallet and your ID (in case the Government demands you keep one on you at all times). Always check first if there is enough toilet paper left before... doing what you have to do. Always carry a pocket knife or multi-tool. Not really for self-defense, but because it will come in handy for so many other practical applications. Unless you live in the UK. Are your sweaters pilling? (You know...the fuzz balls developing after a lot of washing). Give 'em a good dry shave with your wet-shaving razor. Always wear sunscreen If you're leaving your house/apartment for the weekend, always remember to take your cell phone charger if you don't carry one in your car. When buying a printer, always go for one with 4 seperate ink tanks. It will save you some money in the long run! If your lock is skewed so that it'll work, but only close when you turn the key, don't fix it. Not being able to leave the house without your keys means you can't forget them. Hobby Advice You don't need a $500 kit to get some nice views of space, a good old 15x70 pair of binoculars are pretty damn good and more easily used. Photography Advice If you're taking your camera someplace exciting with the intent to take interesting photos, always make sure you have new or freshly charged batteries, along with a spare set handy or the ability to get replacements. Words of Wisdom If you are no good at lying to your loved ones, then don't even try. If you are, try not to lie all the time. Enjoy life as it is right now. This year will see many misfortunes. Quint & Wojo's Dubious Advice Corner Make the bus come quicker by standing at the corner looking for it coming down the road, then hastily run back to the bus stop. Amateur astronomers: Avoid total blindness by viewing the sun through a telescope rather than binoculars. If you really want to gaze at the sun, just ask your friend to shine a high-powered deer spotting lamp in your face. It will achieve the same desired effect. [Edit] F*ck everything about Invision Power Board's rich text editor. Look at the mess it made above! Just let me format this by BBcode dammit![/Edit]
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