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  1. What if contacting JW and meet him all together in name of JWFan, so far that we could find some tickets???? The dreams are made to be realised
  2. Yoda75

    Greetings from Switzerland

    Hello dear musical friends, for the details: NAME: Christophe LOCATION: Switzerland AGE:35 SEX:male MUSICAL EDUCATION: Directing a small windband in Cully (small village at Geneva lake) FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): E.T. (It all starts with it) FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): After Williams.... Danny ELFMAN FAVORITE FILM(S): E.T. FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): JW of cours and Simon RATTLE SPECIAL INTEREST(S): Music VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: a long time ago... I'm happy to be a member of this community. Regards
  3. ***SEARCHING A WAY TO GET TICKETS FOR JW A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES ON 25th OCTOBER 2011 IN NEW-YORK*** Hello friends, I'm from Switzerland and I have already get flight tickets and hotel for 25th october 2011 in New-York. I'm desesperatly searching a trusted person which is a subscriber of New-York Philharmonic to get 3 tickets for me and my family for this concert. Since 30 years I'm dreaming of seeing John WILLIAMS on a performance and I finally have the opportunity to realise this. Can somebody help me? Best regards