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    melancholic celesta sound

    Hello good sirs and madams, since I listened to John Williams "Remembering Petticoat Lane" from Jurassic Park the first time, this sort of sad, melancholic celesta music fascinates me. It expresses a deep nostalgic feeling, at least for me and is often used in horrorgames or movies. for example: Does anybody know how the instrument is prepared to play such oblique notes? and if you know more of this music, please share with me greets, christian
  2. Skystalker

    search name of soundtrack

    thank you very much :-)
  3. Skystalker

    search name of soundtrack

    hello, does anybody know the name of the music that starts around 00:48 with the low brass? [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpF6rzhLVtk&feature=related i´m sorry if this is inappropriate here, but this piece stuck in my head for days :-D greets
  4. Skystalker

    My Piano Transcriptions

    awesome work! how about the opening theme of tintin? i tried my best but it´s to difficult for me to transcripe
  5. no one else? Ok, so i´m posting an Arrangement of the tintin theme i made. in fact it´s a medley arrangement with a few themes. I´m an amateuer, it isn´t that good but i´m hoping to rouse you to make an arrangement too. sorry for the bad quality, it´s a sibelius output and the upload on soundcloud worsened it. here it comes http://soundcloud.com/christianhoffman/tintin-concertmedley
  6. Skystalker

    Describe your last toilet visit with a movie title!

    The NeverEnding Story
  7. Skystalker

    listening the OS before watching the movie?

    thanks these are the answers I wanted to hear :-) I was listening to the Tintin-Samples alle the day, so the OS was a must-have ;-) But why is the release of tintin only in december? I thought the german-release was late :-P
  8. Hey guys, did anyone of you listen to a Original Soundtrack before watching the movie? In my case it´s the Adventures of Tintin xD I pre-ordered the OS and I received it today. noted here in Germany everything is later. And I know, it´s a shame I didn´t watch the movie yesterday (when it released here) but you know sitting in the cinema, 100 jerking guys around you who laugh at points which are not supposed to be funny and little kids who scream "Mommy, mommy did you see that cute little dog?". It´s not that kind of fun :-/ I plan to watch "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn" (in german: Die Abenteuer von Tim und Struppi: Das Geheimnis der Einhorn) in a week but I cannot wait so long :-D I remember watching Jurassic Park when I was younger and years after that I came into music and listened the OS from jurassic Park. All the memorys came up and i knew every scene to each track. Adventures of tintin is a special event for me and I don´t want to ruin it. please tell me what to do :-) greets from Germany ;-)
  9. hi, I found this orchestrated version of "double trouble" on youtube and now I want to know which orchestra played this? unfortunately youtube deleted it a few days after I found it but you can download the mp3. [LINK REMOVED] I also have the complete score and typed it in sibelius. greets
  10. Skystalker

    Hello from Germany

    hello guys, My name is Christian Hoffmann, i´m 16 and a real John Williams Fan! :-) I like doing sports like Tricking or Freerunning, listening to orchestra/brass music and composing (really bad amateur composing) This is my youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/Saltofreak123 greets :-)