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    Thank you!
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    Rate "The Adventures of Tintin"!

    I've rated the movie only 3,5 because I find the images beautiful, the story-telling well done, but I think some traits of humor are not too in the Herge spirit. Moreover, the falcon pursuit sequence is too improbable to my taste. But the overall cinematography is superb, and I especially liked the sand, the fire, the water, the glass and the texture of the clothes, which are fabulous. I've rated the score as heard in the film 4: I love the main theme with that jazzy touch and the cartoonesque main title sequence, and some other sequences music+images are absolutely superb (the battle). But I hear a lot of other Williams's scores when I hear the score: it makes me think in particular to Indy & The Last Crusade, Indy & The Crystal Skull, and Harry Potter (the philosopher's stone theme). I've rated the score on the CD 4 as well, for the same reasons as above: the score is very entertaining, but not original. That being said, to me it's still a very good film music score, and the film is very enjoyable: time goes by without being noticed, and at the end, I wanted the film to continue!
  5. Hi! For my own use, I've developed a software to generate punches and streamers, because I've found no other easy-to-use punches and streamers generator for Windows. It works by opening an avi video file, defining key-points (streamer & punch, flutters or visual clix). It is possible to add timecodes, chronometers, free texts, even subtitles, create templates, create export templates, etc. Then, you can begin the rendering process and you get an avi file with all the markings you've defined. I don't know if this synchronization method is used much nowadays, and I don't know if it can be of any use to other composers, but since the software works pretty well for me, maybe some of you will be interested. It is NOT intended to replace professional softwares for this task (in particular because rendering is needed), but may be useful for younger composers or when the studio have not the proper hardware/software available to create punches and streamers. For those interested, I can give a link to the installer (English) and a (free) license key. (PM me, because I have no download server and the link changes when I update or fix bugs)
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    Hi! I like classical and contemporary music as well as film music in general, by John Williams, Danny Elfman and many others. I visit JWFan from time to time since 2004, and today I've decided to join the forum. Cheers!