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  1. Dalvi

    Hello from France

    Pour être compositeur plus tard ou pour jouer d'un instrument en particulier ? J'ai fait un an de violon il y a très longtemps, j'ai arrêté à cause du solfège dont je n'étais pas très doué.
  2. Dalvi

    Hello from France

    Merci ! Thanks ! Je suis chargé de projets/graphiste dans l'aménagement de commerces, particulièrement sur la conception de façades, sur Lyon.
  3. hello, my contribution: NAME: Guillaume LOCATION: Lyon in France AGE: 26 SEX: M PROFESSION/EDUCATION: Graphic Designer in the fitting of trade (external and interior). Training in 3D animation and video games. FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): The Lost World, Hook, A.I, Lincoln, Star Wars, Indiana Jones... FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): The Aviator (Shore), Cladiator (Zimmer), Alexander (Vangelis), The 13th Warrior (Goldsmith), King Kong (Newton Howard), and Powel, Eshkeri, F.Velázquez, Javier Navarette, Tom Tykwer, Nyman... FAVORITE FILM(S): all the Spielberg, Lord of the rings, Star Wars, Alien... FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): Spielberg, Scorcese, Kubrick, Jackson, Tarantino... SPECIAL INTEREST(S): Game Design, writing, Michael Crichton et Stephen King, U2, One Piece, Garfield... VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: a few months
  4. Dalvi

    Hello from France

    Hello ! My name is Guillaume and I have consulted your forum since a few months. I have decided to take part. Sorry for my English if I make errors, it's normal I am French... For the music, I discovered the movie score with Jurassic Park, and the cinema at the same time. But it's with the Lord Of the Rings that I started to buy CD. Since I have 140CD including 50 of John Williams.