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    The Reivers is a score that is rarely discussed on this board. Up until about a year ago, I had no idea what it was. I saw a big picture of Steve McQueen on the cover and saw the name John Williams on it. i read the back, which says it was the inspiration of Steven Spielberg, who apparently wrote an entire screenplay while listening to it.
    and after i listened to the main theme, i understood why. i was utterly captivated by it. it's got one of the most Americana-sounding themes i've ever heard. it's sweeping strings are really spectacular. every time i have listened to it since then it puts me in frame of mind that i wish i could put into words.
    Since then it has been one of my favorite cd's and it's one of my top Williams scores. it's a very unique side of Williams. if anyone can get their hands on this cd, i recommend you do so. you won't regret it.
    i'm sure there are many others who know of or have been fortunate enough to purchase this score as i have. i am curious to hear all of your reactions to it, and if there's anyone who adores this score as much as i do.
    tpigeon- listening to it now and loving every second of it
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    tpigeon got a reaction from Boom Tss in OT- Howard SHore- The most original composer working today?   
    You have no idea how Williams would have scored the scene. Like many others, you seem to think that Williams always goes the most obvious route of scoring a scene. Have you watched War of the Worlds and studied the score's relationship to the film? It's one of Williams' best scores and is anything but obvious. His approach to emotion can vary from film to film, so I think it is unfair to say that he'd score it with the "typical" Williams sound, a sound he has matured beyond in his selection of films and choices in scoring them, save for the recent Star Wars and first two Harry Potter films. The next time you watch films such as A.I., War of the Worlds, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, even Minority Report, listen to the scores and ask if Williams took a simple, obvious approach. I know you say that he'd make it work, but you nonetheless say that he would do the expected and play it safe. I totally disagree.
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