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  1. Thank you all very much for your suggestions.

    Here's a great piece to give you an idea of the speed with which you can move around with two bows, Mourning Dove Sonnet by Christopher Deane:

    Granted it's being played on a vibraphone where the sound sustains for much much longer but the concept is basically the same.

    that was great! i hadn't imagined that someone could hold in the same hand both a mallet AND a bow!

  2. Hello. i'm not sure if anyone here plays the marimba but i have some questions.

    i was asked to write a trio which includes a marimba.

    i was thinking of using the bowing technique in the 2nd movement.

    so i want the player to have 2 bows , one in each hand.

    - is it possible to play 2 notes simultaneously that way, one in white keys and one in black? i say this becasue the one hand should be in front of the instrument and the other should be behind the instrument.

    - also is it possible to play a melody (always bowing) that would include notes in white and black keys? (e.g. Do -Mib- Sol - Fa#) and if it is, how fast could it be the most (e.g. 8ths in adagio? )

  3. WOW!!!! let's find the compelte handwritten score now.. hehehe...

    does anyone know, the 2cd bootleg of Black Sunday has more music than this i assume, or lots of alternates and unused material?

    PS: i have the movie in dvd too. it's a decent film...

  4. So here is a more developed version of this piece with a quasi tetrachord intro and more of a lead up. I still need to expand upon this but it goes slowly.


    I wrote a little fanfare in studio logo style, that Marian wants to play before screenings in his home theater :ola:

    Fanfare for Miniplex Stolberggasse

    Both are great!!! Well done! :P

    here's my latest contribution. The music I made for a short animation film:

    REMEMBER (02:25'') - Short animation film

  5. I was feeling kind of bored this afternoon/not feeling like doing my homework. So, I used a bunch of programs, batch scripts, etc. to extract the Spanish text from the book where it's available free online (http://content.yudu.com/Library/A1h5yo/OVERTHEMOON/), and I ran it all through Google translate.

    The result isn't particularly pretty, but it's easily readable in English.

    Just let me know if you want it.

    I would be particularly interested in this. thank you for your effort! :|

  6. Here's a very short music cue, the music for the logo of a film company:

    Not bad, but it seems a bit grand for the rather bleak visual.

    imho. :)

    I didn't know what it would show. I was asked to write the music (20 seconds), and then they adopted the visuals to the music..

  7. If you want to hear a different work of mine, I posted one a few pages back that I did last year, titled "Elegy for a Fallen Firefighter." I'll copy the link and notes and post them here:


    Great work Jeremy! Congratulations! :lol:

    Here's a very short music cue, the music for the logo of a film company:

    and my Youtube channel. Currenty have uploaded only the End credits of the romantic fantasy drama " A time for the Heart":


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