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  1. I do like the concert hall sound for some scores and thinks it works well with Williams' sound, admittedly it didn't work quite so well for Jaws but Superman's RSNO performance of Leaving Home, Planet Krypton and especially Chasing Rockets @ 01:33 better the original IMO.

    I'm sure you will enjoy your purchase Bryant.

    Sorry , but I do not think Planet krypton and leaving home are as good as the original recording ...The choirs in LH sound strange, the Planet Krypton solo bass clarinet sound like " the force theme" :lol: no question about tempi decisions in some cues ....

  2. So : Alan Rawsthorne, William Walton, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Gustav Holst, Serge Prokofiev , Igor Stravinsky, Dmitri Shostakovitch, Bela bartok, Zoltan Kodaly, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss,Richard Wagner, Gyorgy Ligeti, John Adams, Samel Barber, William Schuman, Walter Piston, Howard Hanson, George Templeton Strong...

  3. Is that so? well, I still think you should revise it. It's a little simplistic for this kind of performer.

    Simplistic , simplistic , may be ... The first violin is the weakest performer of the quartet , the arpeggios aren't that precise as well as the harmonics ...

    Simplistic is better to touch the audience , You have no idea how many people came to me to shake my hand backstage , contrarly to the others composers that were performed , so isn't neccessary to be elaborated to touch the public ... My music sounds European ? Great to read , I am French :devil: !!!

    I am happy to share what I can exprim with my music , either for concerts or film media , it is not revolutionnary music , but at least it have themes and my sound ... ;) T>he quartet "movement" will be extended some day, I was commissioned to score something short , with the idea to extend it if the public like what is on the "menu" , they liked , so I will do , not immediately , as I have to finish the score for " Ami de jamais" ...

  4. It's aight'. Sounds much like a lot of scores I hear in independent European films.

    The String Quartet, I think you are not taking advantage of those performers skills, they seem capable of much more. What you gave them was a little simple perhaps. But they nevertheless performed it with gusto.

    I agree ,The string quartet miss rehearsal(s)... By another hand (!) they want to perform this music again, and I find some Quartets that want to perform it as well !!!

  5. I bought the score on 83 , but I will not do it again , there is some good material on it but some are copy/past of "rite of spring" and "First Blood" only the "main titles "with its fanfare reprised from a TV show that Parker scored in the 80' s retain my attention,as well as the love theme which is fair, but the whole score is far to be as good as its predecessors...

  6. I'm not sure if this is the right answer... I haven't watched a Twilight Zone show in ages.

    Herrmann, who wrote the pilot (with Williams on the piano) also wrote a couple of main titles that were barely used.

    The well know main titles, were taken from library recordings, by Marius Constant, the avant-garde french composer. The main title music was made of two short pieces from that libary.

    Yes, the music during the narration belongs to Marius Constant .

  7. The Fury - the LSO version, rather than the OST. It's ragged at times - I think it was recorded when some time was left over after the original Star Wars sessions - but incredibly potent.

    Jaws 2 is fun with some good rollicking salty sea dog type music.

    And I like Earthquake too - nice main theme, with one particularly melancholic arrangement of it, but very very seventies.

    In conclusion: The Fury.

    During Superman sessions :lol:

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