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  1. Hello,

    3 things: Is this eBay release having the "discovering of the Ark" in its complete form or just a taken from LP version of it ? Taken from a LP is also the "Images" that an English guy sold on eBay...Why it is so difficult to have an isolated score of each movies on DVDs ??? Silva Screen has announced a possible re-recording of each soundtrack, I have such a bad remembrance from the previous Indy Jones treatment , that I wish that this time , they will share the same diapason...

  2. Hello, well... I agree that more than 2 tracks belongs to TPM, what You doesn't understand , or I am not clear with what I want to say, is I have under the impression that the Geonosian battle have music from this scene but the TPM material cover it ... You know "into the conveyor belt" had the same treatment, if we hadn't this track as bonus at the end of the CD, we also can imagine than JW haven(t the time to finish it , but in fact he has the time to do it and much better than what is heard in the film...

  3. To re-score key moments of Superman 2 will be a nice task to do, as well as re-score geonosis battle the temp tracks are too "triumfoso" , after listening carefully, there is sandwiched between 2 TPM cues, the original score of this scene, to me , it is my intuition, this music exist, but had the same treatment that the "conveyor belt" cue ...Also in EP3 the crash landing should be re-scored...

  4. Perhaps, he can rescore some parts of the "New Hope" or rescore the Geonosis battle and whatever Lucas have re-used instead to ask Williams to do it in time , my wish list : into the main reactor, sail barge assault, geonosis battle , crash landing ( ep.3 ) and PLEEEEEEASE SUPERMAN 2 !!!

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