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  1. Yes Harry, Baja California, but since americans(or like Andre Lux would say, Unitedstatedians, hehe) call it Baja, I said Baja. Hector
  2. I have both version but never noticed this difference.
  3. I insist, the Gremlins should have made a cameo!!!
  4. I still can not believe many Star Wars geeks thought Padme and Amidala were different people! Yeeesh!
  5. No, actually, I hava a friend in New York even as we speak, and he ask me to give him a list of hard to find CDs here in California, and you know the saying, if it's not in New York, it doesn't exist. Doesn't need to be by Williams. Something by Goldsmith, Horner. Rare recordings of a certain piece, you know. (we'll that covers a lot of stuff, hehee oops) Hector
  6. I agree too. Hector - who agrees with Morn
  7. Well, the main theme is nice, but everytime I hear the music, God! I remember the movie!! Brrrrrrrrr [shudder] :?
  8. Screw that people! :evil: No, i'm just kidding, again!! I love them !!!! (nervous chuckle)
  9. Isn't the law to run all the credits?
  10. and they tell me he screams like a girl!!!! But why?!?! He was the one that let go.
  11. Mmmm, Boo -berry, I haven't come across that in a long time. A loooong time.
  12. So we're the only ones Neil? It's just too silly a name for, um, I guess anything. Unless it has chocolate chips and marshmallows or it has a big clown on the bag Skywalker sounds dramatic (like Neil said). Cookie Crisps sound yummy. Dooku sounds... maybe they should have called him Krusty. Or Snape
  13. No :cry: Someone wants to pay my airfare and tickets?
  14. I hated the movie. Well, not hated, but it's pretty bad. Haven't you seen it?
  15. At least for the movie, I don't.
  16. That no one has voted for The Patriot, I guess. :roll:
  17. I'm not sure for which to vote, but I'm pretty sure I will not be voting for The Patriot
  18. That Rick McCullum thinks he's so smart. :evil:
  19. LOL I never read that! I was thinking, "what should the title of this topic be?" And said, "ah, what the hell, 'Count Chocula'"
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