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  1. He was only kidding :lookaround:
  2. I also agre with both of you Hector
  3. I'm just kidding!!! Yeeesh! Hector - who was just kidding
  4. In the SE the scene was expended. I like the new scene.
  5. The one scene that I did like was the scene of Boba Fett's ship following the MF.
  6. [Hector whispering]Take it easy guys!! You'll wake up the crybabies!!! Shhhhh!!!!
  7. [Hector whispering]Take it easy guys!! You'll wake up the crybabies!!! Shhhhh!!!!
  8. I play it only during Christmas time, now the question is, when do you play your The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack?
  9. I didn't have a problem with the scooters
  10. The main problem for me in this scene is the music. Lucas should have had a more fast paced "Imperial March" motif there, and the scene should have been shorter, it almost makes you think the officer is going to say something and the editing there is a little uncomfortable.
  11. "Come on in. It's my house" Kirk "Why, double damn ass on you!" Kirk "I... have... had.... enough.....of...... you!" Kirk
  12. So there really is a third recording of this theme. I wonder why Williams has not recorded it, it's one of his most beautiful themes ever. Hector - who considers "Han Solo and The Princess" a love theme
  13. I'm starting to dislike Sony And I think Williams is doing fine editing his albums. IMHO Hector - IHHO
  14. "Only Nixon can go to China" -Spock -They're animals! -They're dying. -Let them die! Kirk & Spock "Bones!" Kirk "Spock!" Kirk "Jim!" Spock and Bones "... you green blooded vulcan" McCoy "Nuclear wessels" Chekov
  15. Well, in the scene I noticed, Portman is wearing a white outfit with some sort of front pockets, and near the lines of these you can make out some sort of round figure poking through :lookaround:
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