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  1. There's no real distinction between who plays what since the music was dubbed and remastered in final stage (meaning music editors add/remove sounds). Here is a link that explains their role(s): http://www.allmusic.com/album/memoirs-of-a-geisha-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-mw0000351871 Also there's a youtube link showing the process of the music in memoirs of a geisha - you can see how they are added. If you wan't I can go over and listen to the album/score again...
  2. Does anyone have a pdf copy of the book thief piano solo songbook? Also other sheet music or scores by John Williams?
  3. Does anyone have a copy of the book thief piano solo songbook? Also other scores by john williams?
  4. Sweeping...do you have an example (google) what model it is?
  5. What watch does john williams wear? at 4:31
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