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  1. With the light show there may be music I can't track in from the films, but with 8 hrs of music I bet i'll be able to.
  2. Yep. the only difference is that pineapples can move backwards.
  3. I thank you for your understanding. And the production aspect just adds to it.
  4. Ah. Forgive me, I'm exhausted. EDIT: I was adding to your example. I didn't know if you saw the thing. I'm really tired and it took me a minute to remember that.
  5. After I get done listening to the music the first thing I'm going to do is recreate the music that plays during the light show at Universal Studios and hopefully sync it up with a video. In fact, I think I'll do several recreations of music from the Wizarding World. That would be a lot of fun.
  6. Oh yeah it's terrible. I'm not defending it. I'm just asking about the instrument that plays that weird melody.
  7. In the track, "The Diary", in the very beginning there's this really eerie section of music and the only way I can describe it is howling winds playing a melody. Here's a video from the recording sessions: it starts about 00:16 and ends at about 01:40. Can anybody tell me what instrument it is? I've been wondering that for years.
  8. I kinda left the forum last year when classes started so that could have hurt my status a bit.
  9. Well you've got like 5 times my reputation so i bet you've been on this forum way longer than me.
  10. Also this thread and the music thread took me from "occasional poster" with +1 reputation to a "regular poster" with +65 reputation in like a week, so thanks guys!
  11. Remember, somebody (I forgot who) on this forum said that they got one of their orders before the status changed and it still says "awaiting fulfillment/awaiting shipment" to this day. There's no rhyme or reason to it.
  12. Really? i've never seen that. Then again, I've only seen Jaws and SWESB, but still, that seems a bit odd to me.
  13. Seconded. I'd love what you have to say about "The Diary" cue. That's one of the ones I'm most excited for.
  14. Presuming you aren't joking, could I have a link to that please? It sounds fascinating.
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