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  1. Check out this recording (and video) taken very close to stage, recorded with zoom iq6: https://www.facebook.com/hagaizenberg/videos/10156689776804192/ hope you like it :-)
  2. Amazing concert. Will upload some videos and recording I made with my zoom when I’m back home.
  3. sorry for talking about something less attractive... i bought tickets from viagogo (and took a flight to London) in order to see the concert, i'm a very big fan and it's my 40th's birthday present. i never got the tickets, they say that i will get the tickets as soon as they get it but i suspect that's never gonna happen 😞 if anyone has any spare tickets i'll be happy to purchase them. (not sure if it's allright to post email info here so please reply how to reach you) hope i'll be there for the show!!
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