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  1. For the past few months, I've been writing and managing my own personal blog about film music, called THE HOLLYWOOD SOUND. I started it back in July, and I've added to it since then. As a result of this blog, I've been writing CD reviews for FSM Online as well. I just wanted to let you all know about it, and to invite you all to read it: http://thehollywoodsound.blogspot.com Thanks everyone.
  2. Joe, That's right. Most of the time I enjoy this kind of music away from the films that they're associated with, and appreciate them solely as music, but in some cases, such as some of the films that JW has scored, like Jaws, Black Sunday, E.T., and the disaster films he scored during the '70s, I have seen them many times before, and I feel that the music for those films adds to the effectiveness of the total experience. I have seen other films, scored by other composers, that I own the soundtracks to, and many times hearing the music in those films led me to try to seek out the scores themselves when available, but most of the time, I appreciate the music by itself.
  3. I think what I might do, rather than a critical review of the score itself, and again, forgive me if this sounds odd, but I may end up writing why I appreciate the score itself, what drove me to appreciate it, etc. I think where I may be more critical is on some re-recordings, particularly of well-known scores, because the original performance is so identified with the film itself, and a lot of people are always critical of re-recordings because they never match the original tempo, or because of missed notes, etc. I do know that I can only review existing scores, but basically what I write will be generally an appreciation of the score itself, rather than a critical review for someone who wants to buy them, which can be found elsewhere. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm trying to write something a bit deeper than just a review targeted for potential buyers. Thanks, though.
  4. Hi everyone, I started a new blog about film scores, mainly devoted to classic scores and their composers, but at the same time, I'll be giving attention to my opinions on film scores in general and trends within the industry itself. Here's the address: http://thehollywoodsound.blogspot.com I do have a question, though, and it pertains to reviews of film scores. A lot of the stuff I have in my collection is from films that I really haven't had an opportunity to see. I tried asking this on the FSM forum but I didn't get any responses, so I figured I'll try it here, and forgive me if this sounds odd: is it possible to write a review of a film score based solely on the music itself, without having watched the film? By this, I mean, reviewing it based on such factors as performance (particularly in regards to re-recordings), or sound quality, or based on its reputation if it's a well-known score? I did write an article about a film score I liked, with a synopsis of the film itself and comments on the score as well, but mainly as an appreciation of the film score itself. I'm just wondering. Anyway, I look forward to hearing what you all have to say on this. Thanks.
  5. It's okay, really. I did manage to find a composer here who PM'ed me and offered to help, and he's helping me with this, but to be honest, as rewarding as filmmaking is when it's complete, it is a very long and tedious process. What I was originally going to do with this film was create a sequence where someone would be going about his usual morning routine, and when he steps outside his door, we zoom in on his eyes and all those images flash by quickly. I was worried that I wouldn't have time to do any of that over the summer, but I'm sure I will because I'm taking off school for the summer, though now that I think about it, I haven't decided about what to do about actually filming a sequence though. The process itself of just finding a composer was stressful enough. I'm more of a screenwriter than a filmmaker, even though I've been taking video production courses for almost a year. To Blumenkohl, I'm sorry you didn't like it, usually when I get that kind of response in the past I would sulk and pout but I'm trying not to take criticism badly. This was partly inspired by a friend's use of the song in the opening credits of his film, but the concept presented in this one was my idea. I was trying to develop some kind of a narrative of the range of emotions and all the things that take place at any moment, at any given time, in the world, and all the extremes (war and peace, good and evil, wealth and poverty, black and white, etc.). I also apologize if this was the wrong place to ask, but I tried elsewhere and didn't get a lot of interest. I'll try better next time.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask for this, and if it's not, I'm sorry, but I need some help here: Last weekend I made a little film set to "A Day In The Life" by The Beatles. It's a mix of some old film footage and news photos and it basically tells the story of a typical day and what someone experiences in it. I didn't use the original recording from Sgt. Pepper, but an instrumental. However, since I don't have the money to license the actual song (the one I'll link to isn't going to be shown in any film festivals) I'm looking for someone to compose something similar to the song. I've tried asking on other forums about this and I haven't gotten anywhere. I don't need it for any particular time, but if I was to submit this into a film festival, I would need original music for this because of the high cost of licensing the original, even though in this case I used a cover version. If anyone's interested, I won't be able to pay you anything but you will get exposure for your music. Here's the link to the video: A Day In The Life Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
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