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  1. Yeah, that might be my only option. I just heard back from the Nashville Symphony and apparently he's not doing any signatures, not even for the $750 VIP folks, so I might be out of luck on a signature, but I do still plan on enjoying his music that evening.
  2. Those would be great, but those prices are my grocery budget for at least a month or two. Plus I'd love to be able to tell him in person how important his music has been. Sad to hear he doesn't mingle with mere mortals as much.
  3. Hi, I'm hoping someone could help me with a question. I have a ticket to hear John Williams next month conduct the Nashville Symphony, and I'd very much like to get his autograph (I have a vinyl of "Accidental Tourist" I'd love for him to sign. I know, it's not one of his "big" scores but it's a favorite of mine.) But here's the situation: I just have a general seating ticket, and not one of the $750 VIP tickets and I'm curious, does Mr. Williams still take time to sign autographs for people in the general audience, or does he only do this for the VIP people? Thanks!
  4. It's making more sense, after these answers, but ultimately the final outcome is still disappointing: granted I was jazzed to see Indy again, but it's just such a let down to have the rug pulled out with the rehashed music again. Plus the Ark theme, as the warehouse is first opened, made little sense, as Williams music fans generally associate the ark theme with... the ark of the covenant from Raiders, right? I just didn't follow some fo the music choices here, or in Clones and Sith. For what it's worth, I will always be a fan of Williams music, but his last three efforts for Lucas (Clones, S
  5. Not a troll... just a Williams fan looking for a legit reason behind the reuse of music. Granted, I don't do a ton of message posting to boards like this, but this situation with reused music just had me anxious to ask. Sadly, I feel like the only one in the world who instantly picks up re-used music, and I'm glad to read the answers posted to my question. I find it hard to imagine that Williams would have made the decision to rescore things like the "Flight from Peru", identical note for note. I mean, wouldn't he want to flavor it just a little bit differently if he used it again (simila
  6. Hi, my first post here. I was irked enough at the situation with the music of Crystal Skull that I had to post my questions here about the REUSED Williams music, to try to get the straight story. Without revealing any spoilers, while watching Crystal Skull I noticed that Lucas (not surprisingly) resorted to cutting-n-pasting music from John Williams from other films (this time from "Raiders" and "Crusade". Going into Skull, I sortof expected this to happen: it happened with Clones (what a jaw-dropping crap experience to hear the same music from Phantom resurface again) and then Sith's music
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