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  1. The Big Man      Unlucky Bastard

  2. PuhgreÞiviÞm      The Big Man

  3. Þekþiþm      PuhgreÞiviÞm

  4. Thekthithm      Þekþiþm

  5. The Original      Thekthithm

  6. dougie      The Original

  7. Norma's Corpse      dougie

  8. Cherry Pie That'll Kill Ya      Norma's Corpse

  9. Margo Channing      Cherry Pie That'll Kill Ya

  10. Denise Bryson      Margo Channing

  11. Baby Jane Hudson      Denise Bryson

  12. Sally Spectra      Baby Jane Hudson

  13. Godzilla      Sally Spectra

  14. Daniel Clamp      Godzilla

  15. Shatner's Rug      Daniel Clamp

  16. Drax      Shatner's Rug

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