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  1. well I think we agree, that some melodies from Horner sound quite similar, so it could als be from Titanic and co. But the sheet music where I took that line from is from the end credits!!!!
  2. No, its from the end-credits. And it's not played by any pipes, but by irish Uilleann-Pipes! Difficult to find someone to have and play this kind of pipes... But they sound graet!
  3. A part of sheet music? Don't you know this melody??????
  4. Oh Yes, by the way, you know?
  5. Willow Legends of the fall Mask of Zorro Titanic Cocoon
  6. What the hell is.... sorry. That was me not logged on! And even your name is misspelled, Rén. Sorry.
  7. When will you perform with the LSO again in Europe? Do you have influence on what is published as sheet music in the JW signature edition by Hal Leonard? What can I expect to be published next? How is the work on you opera going on? These are only fwe questions I have actually...
  8. I think HP is better and I think most people think HP is better. Sorry Morn. What about a Poll?
  9. Dear REN I've asked here before for a released version of the music of the children's suite. I also searched the web for weeks and month, without any success. The only thing I can tell you is: Hedwig's flight might be equal to Hedwig's Theme and is on the OST. Hogwarts forever is also on the OST. Nimbus 2000 I've a live record of my orchestra. contact me if you like it. Quiddich I've also a live record. (It's not the OST track called Quiddich, only about 2 Minutes) Harry's wonderous world is again on the OST. The rest of the children's suite is as far as I know not yet accessible. See also:
  10. chs058


    The arrangement could be found on: http://www.lucksmusic.net/index.html they have it for rental only, that arrangement for full orchestra is permanently out of print. What I like to know is, if someone have heard it, seen in or has more informations about it.
  11. chs058


    Does somebody know/have the sheet music to HOOK-SELECTIONS arr. C. CUSTER I'm interested in how good this arrangement is. Or is there a recording of this arrangement? Thanks for your help.
  12. Oups, there was a little mistake in my suite. The last one wasn't Hogwarts forever, but Harrys wondewrous world. It's corrected now. damn missed the edit buton. I now have the recoring of our concert, if someone is interested, let me know, or contact me on ICQ Nr. 158346372.
  13. Hogwarts forever is only for french horn quartet, and is exactly the recorded track on the OST. I soon will have a live recording of the fallowing tracks from "my" orchestra, and I will share that with people that are interested, even the quality of both, the performance and the recording won't be very well. This music is rather difficult to play, especially for strings. Our suite consists of: (The original suite for orchestra with the addition of Quiddich) I. Hedwigs Theme II. The Socerrere's stone III. Nimbus 2000 (wood-winds) IV. Quiddich (Brass) V. Harry's wonderous World
  14. :?: Has the Harry Potter suite been released somewhere? Or deos someone have the recording of one of the two suites? Especially the pieces not on the OST? I just wonder if any orchestra has recorded it, since the music sheets are available. Or is there a live recording? Please help. :?:
  15. Thanks for the link, there are even more, juat found another JP
  16. I think I have that score as well. Let me know which sites are missing, and i have a look, if i can help.
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