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Found 4 results

  1. I noticed something cool during last night's new Galactica. Might've just been imagining things, but it seemed to me that at least part of the battle that consumed the last two acts was heavily influenced by, if not a direct homage to, the Battle of Yavin. Mainly the control/command room, the distorted voices over the radio (this was the one that made me realize it), and even some of the cockpit shots when Vipers were shot down. I know I might be the only one here who saw this, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  2. Just posted on my blog about what I believe is a bit of Battlestar in The Phantom Menace soundtrack. I was listening to the expanded edition of TPM the other day and came across the part on the track entitled "Anakin Is Free." There is a definite similarity between the two. I've put the two vids on my post but will post here if you want. Not sure if its been noticed before or even if its just me. what do you think? http://www.thebeardedtrio.com/2012/12/does-john-williams-pay-homage-to.html Rob
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