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  1. The Catamaran Race from Jaws 2 is another one I whistle which then turns into the end titles to Jaws.
  2. Every day without thinking, and this has been happening for many years now I whistle the signature tune from Jurassic Park. Some days I may throw in a bit of Marion's theme or Yoda's theme but consistently Jurassic Park is there. Does anyone else do the same? I must add its a quiet whistle just to myself as I know whistling can be annoying to others.
  3. its looking like a two horse race between Jaws and Star Wars.
  4. I voted for Jurassic Park. Still get goose bumps when John Hammond says "There it is" and then the helicopter flies to the island with John Williams masterpiece blasting out. Fantastic. However Yoda's theme is a close second.
  5. Just thought I would share the question I am asking on Facebook. I'm asking the question what is your favourite John Williams soundtrack? Its over at http://www.facebook.com/TheBeardedTrio I'm not asking you to like the page or anything like that but just doing this as a fan. By the way Star Wars is winning at the mo Rob
  6. I have to agree that it is too similar to be a coincidence. Maybe John Williams is a bit of a Lorne Greene fan
  7. Just posted on my blog about what I believe is a bit of Battlestar in The Phantom Menace soundtrack. I was listening to the expanded edition of TPM the other day and came across the part on the track entitled "Anakin Is Free." There is a definite similarity between the two. I've put the two vids on my post but will post here if you want. Not sure if its been noticed before or even if its just me. what do you think? http://www.thebeardedtrio.com/2012/12/does-john-williams-pay-homage-to.html Rob
  8. Great find Omen II. Also now ITV player is on sky we can rerun from our planner.
  9. will try and record the tribute part on my phone (may not look the best but will give it a try.) Hope it doesn't get taken down by Youtube.
  10. Glad you are all enjoying it. To be honest I thought The Minority Report clip would have been the hardest but some of you are getting 18 out of 18.
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